The first semester of the year has been frantic for the Professorship between ESCP Business School and RIU Hotels & Resorts

In a nutshell, the purpose of this 2023 for the professorship is double. First, they want to continue working on the research-based design of a scientific knowledge structure to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of hotel CSR strategies aimed at the resilient development of destinations. On the other hand, it is time to systematise, standardise and rethink the RIU Method to take it to a higher and more efficient level. That’s why the second work line will be focused on reviewing and debugging the RIU Method and improving the RIU CSR team skills in project management and logical framework methodology to guarantee the accurate implementation of the RIU Method.

The professorship also emphasises implementing circular economy principles and practices within the hotel industry. The circular economy is crucial for promoting sustainable and resilient development in destinations. Furthermore, it acts as a valuable tool for identifying local partners, fostering engagement with them, and generating synergistic collaborations—a key objective of the RIU Method.

The professorship has successfully executed two International Consulting Projects in collaboration with ESCP students. The first project, “Designing a Proposal for the Standardisation of Processes and Tools for the RIU Method,” involved five students from the MSc in Digital Project Management & Consulting. After thoroughly examining the current phases, stages, processes, and tools of the RIU Method, the team presented their final deliverable—a comprehensive Method Master—in Palma de Mallorca last March before the RIU CSR team. This revised framework condenses all the elements more logically.

The second project, “Drawing Angles in a Circle: Applying Circular Economy Principles to Hotels through the Design of an Operational Proposal for RIU Hotels in the Balearic Islands,” engaged four students from the MSc in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Their objective was to create a reference framework that establishes synergies from the perspective of Balearic Islands destinations. The outcome was a “Circularity Plans Hotel Form” (“Ficha hotel-planes de circularidad”) presented and discussed with the RIU team on-site at the RIU headquarters in Palma de Mallorca in April 2023.

These International Consulting Projects are valuable inputs for developing the 2023 Action Plan. As we transition from the ESCP students’ involvement, the professorship is poised to continue its impactful work. Stay tuned for more updates!