Paris Campus - ESCP

A Legendary City for An Unforgettable Experience

Paris Campus - ESCP
Legendary capital of fashion, business incubator and number one tourist destination worldwide Paris is defined both by innovation and tradition.

The city is a constant invitation to discover its monuments. Architecture, museums, star exhibitions, gastronomy, theatres, fashion shows and trendy shops, Paris offers the largest concentration of attractions.

Attractive Place to Study

Many fairs, trade shows, international congresses and events are held in Paris.

The campus is literally at the crossroads of new economic and societal trends shaping the future of the French capital.

A Key Location to Launch your Career

Paris offers a global economic environment to international companies as well as smaller ones.

Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged by the facilities and extensive network of connections offered. The Paris campus is an active player with its incubator and hub for student start-ups.

ESCP - Paris

Regularly occupying top spots in national and international rankings, ESCP counts among the most prestigious French Grandes Écoles. Founded in 1819, ESCP in Paris symbolises our historical starting point as the World’s First Business School and represents our biggest campus with ~100 professors and 4,000 students per year.

ESCP is part of the Sorbonne Alliance and offers dual degrees with renowned schools and universities such as CentraleSupélec, ENSAE, Ferrandi, IFM, Mines ParisTech, or Panthéon Sorbonne University. Many companies and organisations continuously work with us due to the expertise of our faculty, their pedagogy and research, as well as the top quality of our students and alumni.

After more than 130 years on its historic campus, ESCP launched the renovation of the République campus and temporarily moves to the 17th arrondissement at Porte de Champerret for the duration of the project. While the Champerret site benefits from an urban location in the west of Paris and offers very dynamic and pleasant areas for students, our Montparnasse site shines by its modern architecture, infrastructure, and equipment.

Get to know the most international and European business schools in France and beyond.

Campus Features

Sorbonne Alliance Logo

Sorbonne Alliance

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, ESCP, the Institut national d’Études démographiques, and the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’Homme are joining forces in a partnership designed to meet the challenge of human and social sciences studies in French universities.

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Engagements en faveur de l’égalité professionnelle entre femmes et hommes

En savoir plus [FR]

Dans le cadre de la loi pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel de septembre 2018, il a été demandé aux entreprises de démontrer leurs résultats en matière d’égalité professionnelle avec un « Index d’égalité professionnelle femmes-hommes » à publier chaque année. Pour ce faire, cet index a été calculé selon les méthodes de calcul fournies par le Ministère du travail.

Pour l'année 2023, ESCP a obtenu un score de 89 sur 100, soit une évolution de + 5 points en un an. ESCP souhaite continuer à renforcer sa politique en matière d’égalité professionnelle et s'engage à promouvoir l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes.

En 2023, nous sommes fiers d'avoir atteint la parité au sein du TOP 10 des plus hautes rémunérations de ESCP (indicateur 5 de cet index).

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Paris Campus
An Unforgettable Experience

Campus Features


The Paris campus Champerret and the Paris campus Montparnasse cover 32,000 m² in Paris


It covers 17,000 m²

 - 9 amphitheatres for classes and events
 - A library with a silent coworking space
 - A weight room fitted with brand new equipment
 - 30 "meet up rooms" equipped for different uses: digital meetings, face-to-face exchanges, etc
 - Relaxation areas spread over 4 floors (1000m²)
 - Spaces dedicated to the various activities of student associations
 - Convivial restaurant areas offering a wide variety of local and international specialities


It covers 15,000 m²

 - 1 large amphitheatre + 3 amphitheatres
 - 46 classrooms + 13 IT rooms
 - library
 - 1 audio-visual studio
 - 1 cafeteria + 1 forum
 - 1 fitness room

Event Services

Paris facilities

One campus, two sites

The Paris campus Champerret and the Paris campus Montparnasse

Paris campus Champerret

After more than 130 years on the historic campus at the heart of the 11th arrondissement in Paris, ESCP launches the renovation of the République campus and temporarily moves to the 17th arrondissement for the duration of the project. The Champerret campus benefits from an urban location in the west of Paris, close to the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs Elysées, the Palais des Congrès, and one of the largest business districts in Europe, La Défense.

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Paris campus Montparnasse

The Paris campus Montparnasse site has modern infrastructures and is fully equipped to offer students and executive education participants the best experience.

Event Services

One campus, two sites - ESCP

The Libraries

The two Paris campus libraries provide collections and facilities designed to support learning, teaching and research activities. Dynamic and welcoming library teams deliver customised services for students and professors.

Our offer

- Two libraries, on both Parisian campus sites
- Large range of databases available from the ESCP  intranet covering business, management, finance, economics and social sciences
- Print and digital literature referenced on a common online catalogue
-Services intended to meet the students and professors' information needs

The Library - ESCP

The trading room

The trading Room is an integral part of all programmes hosted at the School.

ESCP prides itself on offering its students an education that moves far beyond the traditional lecture hall set-up, and nothing embodies this better than the simulation run in our Trading Room.

The most interesting aspect of using the Trading Room is the realism. Because you are not alone in the room, you feel the competition and the tension, which makes you concentrate even more on what you are doing. you are completely focused and able to learn so much faster because of it.

The trading room

Student Life

Student life is shaped by the initiatives and activities offered by some 50 clubs and associations.

Student Life

Central association of the associative life of ESCP, the student’s union (BDE, "Bureau des Elèves") is in charge of animating the school’s life. Hence it organizes:

- Student parties, amongst which "La Nuit de la Capitale" and "La Nuit de l'Intégration", the two most important student parties of Paris intra-muros;
- The Integration Week-end, known as the "WEI";
- The representation of the school in events such as the Technoparade.


Sports are not only a tradition at ESCP since 1882, but also an opportunity for students to continue or start new sports, in the heart of Paris. We offer 30 different sports and a sports service made of two managers, 32 professors/trainers (4400 course hours), 2 sports rooms (one fitness/muscle-building room) on the Campus and 16 other sportive infrastructures elsewhere, organise 350 games per year as well as 9 training camps outside Paris.

Paris - Student life

How to get to the campus


6-8, av. de la Porte de Champerret
75017 Paris

< +33 (0)1 49 23 20 00

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Disability Access


3, rue Armand Moisant
75015 Paris

< +33 (0)1 49 23 21 00

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Disability Access


Metro Stations

RATP Website
Public Transport

For Champerret

Louise Michel Station
on line 3

For Montparnasse

Montparnasse Station
on lines 4 / 6 / 13
Exit 2 - Place Bienvenüe

Falguière Station
on line 12


Bus Stops

RATP Website
Public Transport

For Champerret

Porte de Champerret
on lines 92 / 93 / 163 / 164 / 165

For Montparnasse

Gare Montparnasse
on lines 91 / 92 / 94 / 95 / 96

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Bike Sharing

Vélib Métropole

Vélib Métropole is a large-scale public bicycle sharing system in Paris. Bicycle stations are located across Paris and in some surrounding municipalities.

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What to see, what to do, where to eat, …? Organize your trip and your stay in Paris thanks to the official website of the Office of Tourism and Congress of Paris.

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