Have you ever dreamed of winning a 50% scholarship and boosting your career prospects? 

The Myllennium Award, a multidisciplinary award for Italian talents under 30, is your chance!

Once again, candidates enrolled in the MSc in International Food & Beverage Management can win a scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fees, thanks to the Myllennium Award, organised by the Fondazione Raffaele Barletta. Launched in 2015, it has awarded 306 young talents in its 9 previous editions, distributing prizes worth €1.35 million.

The MyJOB section is your golden ticket to financial support, helping you bridge the gap between your dreams and the MSc degree. We chatted with Asia Galante, last year's Myllennium Award winner, to learn more about this great opportunity. Gain valuable tips for success in the award and insights into the programme from her firsthand experience.

What is the Myllennium Award, its mission, and what opportunities does it offer? 

The Myllennium Award stands as a beacon of opportunity within Italy's educational landscape. Established in 2015 by Fondazione Barletta, it has since been a catalyst for the aspirations of over 300 young talents, nurturing their potential across various domains. Among its offerings, the MyJOB section particularly shines, extending financial support to help people reach their professional goals. 

In 2023, you won a scholarship in the MyJOB section.  What do you think was the key factor in your victory? 

Last year, I really wanted to join the MSc in IFBM programme at ESCP Business School because I believed it was the right fit for me since it offered the managerial skills that I needed to pursue my goals in the industry. Since I've only worked for one year, I couldn't afford the tuition on my own, and I didn't want to burden my parents, so when I found out about the MyJOB scholarship, it felt like the perfect solution. I think what helped me win the scholarship was being honest and open, showing how determined I was, and adding a small touch of humour to my application. 

2023 Myllennium Award Ceremony

How has winning the award and enrolling in the MSc in IFBM impacted your career prospects and opportunities? 

Enrolling on the MSc in IFBM programme was a life-changing decision that broadened my perspective on myself, my career, and my future. Learning from industry experts and passionate professors enabled me to develop new skills and gain confidence in my abilities. The experience has opened up new possibilities for me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Winning such a prestigious scholarship is also definitely a great addition to your curriculum; it shows that you're not only dedicated to your education but also resourceful in seeking out opportunities to further your career. 

Could you share your educational and professional background with us before joining ESCP MSc in IFBM? 

Before joining ESCP, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Gastronomic Sciences at the University of Pollenzo, and prior to my academic pursuits, I had the invaluable opportunity to work for a year at Eataly in Florence. It was during this experience that I developed a deep passion for the F&B industry 

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience at ESCP? 

I found the practical and hands-on approach to education at ESCP to be incredibly valuable. The emphasis on real-world application of concepts and skills not only deepened my understanding but also prepared me for the dynamic challenges of the industry. Moreover, the international environment fostered at ESCP enriched my perspective and provided me with a global network of peers, further enhancing my learning experience and opening doors to new opportunities. 

What advice do you have for future IFBM students applying for the Myllennium Award? 

My main advice is to stay true to themselves. Expressing genuine passion for joining ESCP and illustrating how the award would support their aspirations is crucial. The selection committee values authenticity and sincerity, so it's important to present a compelling case highlighting their unique qualities and motivations.

With Asia's insights and a pinch of your talent, this scholarship could be your name. So what are you waiting for?

Get your application ready and follow your academic dreams!

Myllennium Award deadline: 6 May 2024.