ESCP Business School Secures Victory Once Again in EFMD 2023 Case Writing Competition:
TecSalud's COVID-19 Response Case Takes Center Stage

ESCP Business School has once again achieved victory in the EFMD 2023 Case Writing Competition -probably the most prominent contest of this type at a global level . This time, the winning entry in the "Latin America Business Cases" category is "TECSALUD RESPONDS TO COVID-19" authored by Maria Helena Jaén, Jorge Alerto Ordoñez, and ESCP Business School Professor Ezequiel Reficco.

This case delves into TecSalud's response - the health system of the Monterrey Institute of Technology - to the COVID-19 pandemic between March 2020 and January 2021. It focuses on crisis management during a health emergency and offers valuable insights applicable to other industries. TecSalud's leaders made controversial decisions, notably designating the San José Hospital as the exclusive COVID-19 treatment center. The case highlights two critical junctures: in May 2020, Guillermo Torre and the Response Team opted to persevere despite financial losses incurred, and in January 2021, amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases, they faced the dilemma of halting admissions due to concerns over care quality. It underscores the challenges confronted by the management team, the role of making sound decisions under pressure, and the value of engaging key stakeholders in crisis management. Targeted at management students at undergraduate, MBA, and executive education levels, the case effectively immerses students in the shoes of decision-makers tasked with crisis response.  

After three years of hard work, we are thrilled that our TecSalud case has received this prestigious award. In our view, TecSalud's challenging situation was a microcosm reflecting similar challenges faced by healthcare systems worldwide, showcasing the pivotal role of goal-oriented leadership, responsible decision-making, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management in overcoming them. We celebrate this recognition as it speaks to the quality of our case and confirms its relevance for business educators worldwide. We are delighted to have contributed to bringing TecSalud's story to global visibility, reaching classrooms worldwide, and inspiring future leaders.

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Selection Criteria:

The EFMD Case Writing Competition rewards innovative cases in management development, fostering the creation and teaching of impactful, innovative cases. Each year, over 400 cases are reviewed by an international jury. Evaluation criteria are based on four points: Content and the ability to create a solid and engaging learning experience; Form, striking a balance between a well-told story and sufficient data; Teaching notes and accompanying materials to enhance the student experience; and Innovation. Ideas should enhance teaching and student engagement.

This award has been a pleasant surprise that fills me with pride. I didn't expect this competition to make room for a topic that diverges from the mainstream of management, such as the management of hospital organizations. I believe what gave universal relevance to this story is the impact the pandemic had on our lives. I think it's a great story, showing how good leadership can agilely and effectively change even a gigantic organization. I am grateful to have been invited by the leader of this project, Prof. María Helena Jaén, from IESA, and to have shared a team with my former colleague from the TEC de Monterrey, Jorge Ordoñez. I have been able to learn a lot from these experts in organizational change. I am also pleased to have brought this award back to ESCP Business School, the second time in the two years I have been at this great institution

Ezequiel ReficcoEzequiel Reficco
ESCP Business School Professor - Award Winner

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