Digitalisation: entering the era of AI & Co. with a humanistic approach

Currently, we do not know the jobs which will exist in a couple of years from now. With digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data (to mention but a few) continuously developing at present, the world of tomorrow will certainly not be the one of today. In order to optimally prepare our students for this new era, the topic digitalisation plays a vital role for us in both teaching and research.

ESCP Berlin’s Vision

In all likelihood, many workers will lose their jobs and will be replaced by automation and robotics. Other, new skill sets will be demanded. This undoubtedly will create enormous challenges for any future society. Students need to be conscious of these changes and ensure they are able to contribute to a sustainable and equitable world in which everybody has his or her place in society. Europe, which is completely lagging behind other world regions in this digital race, may potentially have found its niche, maybe even its calling: a humanistic approach to digitalisation. ESCP definitely has this on the agenda as it enters its third century of existence.

Research and Teaching

Several of ESCP Berlin’s chairs completely centre around the theme digitalisation such as the Chair of Business Information Systems or the Chair of Technology and Operations Management. Furthermore, we created a European Center of Digital Competitiveness with the explicit purpose of advancing Europe’s digitalisation. Teaching-wise, several of our programmes are completely dedicated to the digital sphere, i.e. the MSc in Sales 4.0; the MSc in Strategy and Digital Business, or the EMDIEL (Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership). Our teaching itself doesn’t stay unchanged either and undergoes a digital transformation along with everything else. As an example, the Serious game “Moving Tomorrow - A Cultural Journey” was developed at ESCP Berlin and is explicitly used to advance our students' cultural intelligence.

SALES 4.0 | Master in International Sales Management (MSc)
Master in Strategy and Digital Business | Strategic Partnership with Bain & Company