Leadership for Diversity
Empowering purpose-driven women

Why choose this Leadership for Diversity programme?

For professionals

  • Steer your career progression to a greater leadership role in your organisation
  • Gain in confidence to lead with impact and navigate change
  • Rethink your personal leadership style and experiment with new approaches
  • Build a network of peers to leverage your progression

For organisations

  • Harness organisational talent at all levels
  • Develop high-performing leaders committed to organisational transformation and values
  • Reinforce reputation as an organisation committed to its values, and to gender equality
  • Secure a pool of talented women leaders committed to their own development and the success of the organisation.


“The programme that enables you to achieve maximum leadership performance in the context of organisational diversity.”

1 Personalisation
Adapted to the current environment. Work on your personal leadership style and brand development.
Choice of a specialisation module according to your preferences and needs.
2 Experiential learning methodology
Learn by Doing through challenging debates, teamwork and active participation.
3 Being part of a community
Sharing experiences and achieving full potential of your profile.

Learning path

Select a specialisation module according to your personal needs, after finishing the first part of the programme.

Learning Content
Global programme

Exploring women leadership and diversity trends

  • You will gain a clear understanding of program dynamics and expectations
  • You will start participating in meaningful debates on leadership in current context: make your voice heard
  • You will start connecting with like-minded professionals: colleagues and professors

Widening our radius of influence

You will be able to effectively use the tools associated with Stakeholder management to widen your sphere of influence: networking in leadership and provide a clear framework for widening personal sphere of influence.

Empowering me with finance

You will gain a deeper understanding of finance and apply them in your job, and make more effective management decisions.

Women in leadership: your style & strengths

  • You will gain self-awareness about your own leadership and influence style and how it impacts others, with its strengths and areas for development
  • You will acquire a deeper understanding of leadership in today’s context of diversity to be a more versatile leader

Kick-off: team projects

You will gain a clear understanding of your research project objective and scope through discussion with your project team, establish roles and responsibilities and decide next steps.

Work on my personal brand

  • You will gain a better understanding of your own personal and professional purpose and value proposition
  • You will be able to project yourself with conviction and confidence when you communicate with others

Team projects presentation

Contribute to a body of research on relevant subjects and present findings, showing your capacity for analysis and ability to project with confidence.

Individual coaching session and feedback

One individual coaching session where you will be able to deeper explore your needs and enrich your personal plan.

Choose your specialisation module

Emotional intelligence & leadership

You will develop emotional competencies and gain insights into leadership as a person, as a team driver and as an organisation agent. Leadership is about understanding people in order to motivate them, showing them the path and empower them to perform at the highest level.

Cross-cultural management

This course will provide you with essential and tested best practices in context of a cultural and diverse environment leadership. You will develop specific skills to communicate, negotiate and resolve conflicts in environments of great cultural diversity.

Managing conflicts and effective negotiation

You will master the techniques and tools for preparing strategic negotiations. You will understand the behaviours and communication skills required for effective negotiation, from a strategic point of view, differentiating positions from interests.

Change Management

You will understand what change implies for people to better engage others and manage resistance to change. You will be able to provide managers with a toolbox of best practices to implement change with conviction and achieve a higher level of motivation, trust, and cohesion with teams to reach their goals in times of change.

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