Corporate Innovation Beyond the Core Business
Creating the new - Corporate Venture Building

Cultivate effective venture building as a major pillar of corporate innovation activities with our new 12-hour executive training programme.

Over 2 days, this course will provide you with essential knowledge and skills to master strategically relevant new business opportunities in an increasingly volatile, unpredictable, and complex environment.

Through a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, case studies, and engaging discussions, you will gain valuable insights and practical strategies on how to innovate when the classic management approach (analyse - evaluate - decide - execute) has become insufficient.

Corporate venture building offers vast opportunities for innovation. Understanding corporate innovation, corporate venture capital, corporate start-up partnering, and the importance of cultivating entrepreneurial leadership, can lead to great successes.

Held by seasoned practitioner and entrepreneurship expert Prof. Dr. Peter Borchers, and corporate venture specialist Patric Hoffmann, this course aims at helping corporations to strategically and successfully build new ventures as a part of their innovation activities.

About Peter Borchers

Peter is is one of the Top 20 Digital Experts in Germany, as named by Manager Magazin. With a focus on innovation strategy and the collaboration of established companies with external innovation ecosystems like start-ups, VCs, and high-tech companies, Peter brings together in-depth expertise in strategy, governance, and cultural challenges.

About Patric Hoffmann

As Senior Vice President for Global Ventures & Innovation at DB Schenker, Patric looks back on a successful career in strategy development, innovation management and venture building. In our class Creating the New - Corporate Innovation Beyond the Core Business, he looks forward to sharing his passion for disruptive business models with you.

What this course is about?

  1. Understanding Corporate Innovation
    • Innovation in your corporate context
    • Defining innovation
    • Principles of ambidextrous organisations
  2. New corporate innovation approaches
    • Corporate Venture Capital
    • Corporate Start-up Partnering, Venture Clienting
    • Corporate Venture Building, Venture Studios
    • Incubators, Accelerators, Outposts & Co.
  3. Corporate Venture Building
    • Disruptions and their impact on “creating the new”
    • The Process of corporate venture building
    • Balancing corporate governance and entrepreneurial freedom
    • Making process measurable


Academic Director

Prof. Dr. Peter Borchers
Prof. Dr. Peter Borchers

Peter Borchers is an affiliate professor for entrepreneurial leadership and strategy at ESCP Business School Paris and lecturer for the Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EMDIEL) at ESCP Berlin. As a seasoned practitioner, his main focus is on innovation strategy and the collaboration of established companies with start-ups, VCs, and high-tech companies. Peter advises large enterprises and medium-sized market leaders on digital issues and has supported numerous companies in bringing successful start-up programmes to the market.


Patric Hoffmann
Patric Hoffmann

Patric Hoffmann is Senior Vice President of Global Ventures & Innovation and DB Schenker. With a background in supply chain management, logistics, and e-commerce, Patric brings years of experience in strategy development, innovation management, and venture building.
Passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and driving innovation, Patric is a recurring lecturer for the Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EMDIEL).


This course is designed for (aspiring) business development managers and intrapreneurs who are aiming to work in building corporate ventures.
It is also suited for future entrepreneurs, CEOs, or COOs, wanting to understand best-practices of creating new ventures in a corporate context, and increasingly complex environments.




Participants will be evaluated based on participation and completion of workshop tasks.

This course is a standard element of the Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership. If you decide to join this programme, the course participation fee will be deducted from your tuition fees.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the programme.

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