Open Programme
Blockchain in Finance
Mastering NFTs, Smart Contracts, and Digital Assets

Be at the forefront of change and discover the potential of blockchain technology for innovation and efficiency. In this 3-day programme designed for financial professionals, fintech entrepreneurs, investors, analysts, and other interested parties, you will learn about the impact of blockchain on payment systems, asset management, and insurance sectors. These insights will allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of recent and future developments in digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and technological advances.

Blockchain has become a key digital technology. As the global blockchain market continues its exponential growth, the role of this transformative technology in reshaping industries, especially finance, becomes more pronounced. This is a crucial time for professionals in finance to adapt to the evolving digital and regulatory landscape. This open programme will allow you to stay informed and agile, as well as discover new avenues for investment and development.

Be at the forefront of the financial sector’s future

During our 3-day open programme Blockchain in Finance: Mastering NFTs, Smart Contracts, and Digital Assets, the internationally recognised expert, Dr. Marcus Schmalbach, as well as industry specialists, will take you on an immersive learning journey with workshops, lectures, and group work to explore the opportunities that blockchain presents for your business.

Whether you are a financial professional seeking to understand blockchain’s impact on financial products, a fintech entrepreneur exploring innovative applications of blockchain in finance, and investor or analyst interested in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain-based financial instruments, or curious about the technology - this programme will empower you to see where blockchain is a source of competitive advantage.

Benefit from the Academic Directors' extensive knowledge and discover your path to technology-based innovation with ESCP Executive Education.


Day 1:

Blockchain Fundamentals and Finance
Introduction to Blockchain Technology
Blockchain’s role in modern finance
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) explained
Blockchain use cases in financial services

Day 2:

NFTs and Smart Contracts
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Smart Contracts in finance
Blockchain in 144a Bond Issuance

Day 3:

Cryptocurrency Markets and Innovations
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Markets
Bitcoin EFTs
Implementing Blockchain innovations in business


Dr. Marcus Schmalbach: an internationally recognised expert on blockchain, both in practice and in research.
Dr. Marcus Schmalbach

Dr. Marcus Schmalbach is an internationally recognised expert on blockchain, both in practice and in research.

Dr. Marcus Schmalbach is an internationally recognised expert on blockchain, both in practice and in research. His research is aimed at the primary use of blockchain technology in the global capital and reinsurance market. He graduated with a PhD from the University of Gloucestershire with a focus on Alternative Risk Financing and with an MBA in International Management from ESB Business School in Reutlingen. He designed and directed the MBA programme with a focus on "Innovation & Leadership'' at a German business school and was a visiting professor at universities in Europe and the USA.

Currently, he is an Affiliate Professor at ESCP and teaches with a focus on AI & Blockchain. Dr. Marcus Schmalbach has a column on digital transformation of the insurance & captive industry and regularly publishes articles on topics such as impact of Blockchain & AI on the capital markets industry. Besides his academic career, he acts as the CEO of Ryskex - a blockchain-enabled Risk Exchange based in New York City. At the beginning of his professional life he earned his first stripes as a consultant for global players in the insurance and reinsurance market on the topic of business model innovation and digitalisation.


Financial professionals, fintech entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, analysts, regulatory and compliance professionals, and interested parties seeking to understand blockchain technologies


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