Why sponsor your employee’s MBA programme?

A corporate investment that yields immediate returns

The MBA programme focuses on advanced management topics and imparts ideas, tools, and concepts that employees can apply immediately to their own organisation.

Develop a better employee and leader

Your employees will gain access to individual coaching, teamwork training, and more, all designed to enhance their leadership and collaborative capabilities.

Minimal workplace impact

Maintaining current work commitments is effortless thanks to a programme that allows professionals to study around their busy schedule.

Succeed in succession planning

he MBA programme can fully equip your employees to take on more senior leadership roles and is one of the strongest succession planning tools available to any organisation.

ESCP at a glance

MBA Student, ESCP at a glance, ESCP Business School

8th in europe

  • 1st in Germany
  • 2nd in Italy
  • 3rd in France, Spain, UK

27th worlwide

  • 1st worldwide for International Course Experience
  • 3rd worldwide for Value For Money
  • 4th worldwide for ESG Teaching and Carbon Footprint

Our programme

Highly flexible format

Complete an MBA in up to 3 years. Study online, courses take place at the end of each week, at a convenient time for all time zones.

Highly flexible format

  • 80 - 90 students
  • 30 years old average
  • 6 years average of professional experience


Choose the right specialisation that will fit with your organisation’s needs


Gain knowledge on the global consultancy industry advising the world’s most influential businesses and institutions.


Employees learn how to accelerate business value and why corporate social responsibility is important for companies.


Contribute to the rise of sustainability and innovation in the luxury sector.

FinTech & Innovation

Navigate the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies disrupting Finance and Business at large.

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