Against the stunning backdrop of the Grenoble mountains, Schneider Electric welcomed a group of inquisitive ESCP MiM students for two immersive learning journeys. The inaugural expedition was in January, followed by a second one in mid-March 2024. Both excursions led to the IntenCity facility, a pinnacle of innovation and sustainability.

A cutting-edge technology building, IntenCity is Schneider Electric's crowning achievement, that stands as a beacon of progress, rooted in the principles of people-centric design, digital innovation, and eco-consciousness.

Engaging Keynotes and Hands-on Exploration

Our journey commenced with riveting keynote speeches from ESCP alumni who have found their home within Schneider Electric's global family. Michael Fossat (ESCP 04), the VP of the Future Ready Program, eloquently charted Schneider Electric's remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to a €36 billion global leading company.

Vincent Le Grand (ESCP 05), a visionary in data leadership, unravelled the complexities of sustainable data governance, showcasing Schneider Electric's unwavering commitment to global energy efficiency. Noteworthy among his presentations was DCAM, a pioneering Data Capability Assessment Model shaping the future of energy management.

Pierre Yves Dauvergne (ESCP 90), VP of HRS Europe, shared a personal narrative, transitioning from skeptic to advocate for Schneider Electric's ethos of collaboration and excellence—a transformation that underscored the essence of the company's success.

Alumni at Schneider Electric giving speeches

We then embarked on two distinct adventures. Some of us delved into the inner workings of MasterTech, witnessing first-hand the birth of innovations that would reshape energy management, optimization and security. Others explored the Technopole, a hub of creativity and ingenuity where Schneider Electric's brightest minds converged.

Unleashing Creativity and Innovation in IntenCity

Day two dawned with boundless creativity as we gathered in the Innovation Square, ready to explore the uncharted territories of imagination. We embarked on a journey of design fiction, envisioning the workplace of 2044, with the guidance of the Schneider Electric’s team.

Innovation hub worskhops and presentations at Schneider Electric

The day culminated in a tour of the IntenCity building. Three years young and bursting with promise, it stood as a testament to Schneider Electric's vision of a connected and a sustainable future.

For Sandrine Macé, the Scientific Director of the IoT Chair, and Pascale Pernet, Director of Chairs, the expedition was a success, a testament to the power of collaboration and curiosity in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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