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Since 2016, the Chair in Future of Retail in Society 4.0 Chair, supported by E. Leclerc - a key player in the sector - aims to provide a place for research, debate and teaching, where thorough forward-looking reflection focussing on the rapidly changing trade and distribution sector is conducted, where new forms of trade are monitored, and where the relations between trade, society and industry can be discussed.

On 22 October, the arrival of a new partner was celebrated.

BearingPoint’s Eric Falque (President France Benelux and Africa), Bertrand Clémencin (Partner) and Elisabeth Denner (Partner) gathered with Christian Mouillon (President of the ESCP Foundation), Prof. Frank Bournois (Dean of ESCP), Prof. Olivier Badot, and Pascale Pernet (Chairs and Business Development Director, ESCP) to lay the foundations of a great collaboration.

Christian Mouillon recalled the importance for a Business School such as ESCP to "build bridges between the academic world and companies". As an engaged participant in the monthly breakfasts organized by the Chair since 2016, he welcomed the debates that the Chair is holding on commerce and its developments.

"By welcoming BearingPoint, ESCP will go even further and be able to rely on the very large professional network of this new partner." explained Prof. Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP, who is delighted that the Chair's activities will take on an international dimension, in accordance with the School's multicultural DNA, and its student population of nearly 70% non-French.
The arrival of BearingPoint will therefore mark a significant turning point in the life of the Chair, alongside Michel-Edouard Leclerc, whose dynamism has already prompted the Chair to develop numerous research, teaching, and knowledge transfer activities.
"Major changes are taking place in the world of commerce and distribution," says Prof. Frank Bournois. More than ever, the forward-looking approach of the Chair will therefore be relevant, since, "Fortune favours the prepared mind", as Pasteur said.

Eric Falque recalled his and BearingPoint's commitment to academic research, convinced that "the future of consulting professions must be enriched by these bridges between companies and the academic world. With more than a hundred consultants working on retail-related topics, BearingPoint supports the transformations affecting the retail, distribution, and luxury industries. Retail is becoming a transversal service line".

BearingPoint and ESCP have in common their European roots and international influence. This common DNA will thus be put to work for the Chair and for the growth of its activities in Europe and internationally. 
"This expansion comes at a time of great maturity for the Chair," considers Scientific Director, Prof. Olivier Badot, adding "BearingPoint's great added value will be to provide a highly analytical dimension to the processes and to continue the challenge of attracting vocations. Commerce plays an essential role in our societies, and this interest for the commerce of the future is constantly growing among students. First of all we need to inform, train and stimulate these students. Commerce and distribution rely on extremely innovative and intelligent companies. If we know how to show the richness of this profession, we create vocations. Moreover, the prospect of disruption of trade 4.0, makes the challenges to be met particularly stimulating. We will continue to transmit this passion for the trade, reinforced by the partnership with E. Leclerc and now with BearingPoint." 

Chaire Prospective du Commerce dans la société 4.0

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