Between 24th March and 3rd April, the ESCP Luxury Society based at ESCP London Campus organised its first Luxury Week.

The event brought together experts from the luxury market for a series of insightful discussions on the latest trends and challenges facing the industry. Students from across different ESCP programmes, including Master in Management and Bachelor in Management (BSc) took part in three main events organised with guest speakers from L’Oréal, Burberry and Chanel.

The first event, a webinar organised by Alice de Caterina, the Luxury Society’s Turin Campus Head in collaboration with L'Oréal, focused on new trends in beauty and featured special guests who discussed recent movements and job opportunities. Welcomed were:

Each guest shared their insights and expertise on the beauty market, from the latest trends and emerging markets to the importance of innovation and differentiation.

On 30th March, the first in-person event was held at ESCP London Campus. Nalan Dodgson, Director of Talent Acquisition at Burberry, was interviewed by Giulia Pestrin. Nalan shared her experience in the luxury industry by discussing its evolution and predictions for the near future. She also shared tips on starting a career within the sector.

On 3rd April, Giulia Pestrin and Virginia Tedoldi, the Luxury Society Heads at the London Campus, had the pleasure of interviewing Olivier Nicolay, former UK Director of Chanel, who discussed the turning points in luxury alongside Professor Ben Voyer and engaged in a stimulating conversation on the challenges that the industry is facing.

Giulia Pestrin, Master in Management student and the Luxury Society’s Head at ESCP London Campus shared: "The events were a resounding success, with many students from diverse backgrounds participating and interacting with the guests. The Luxury Week event proved to be an invaluable source of insights and inspiration for those looking to pursue careers in the competitive and ever-changing luxury industry. The attendees left with a deeper understanding of the industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents."

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