Between 7th and 14th November 2020, GEA Sustainability ESCP, a cross-campus student society of ESCP Business School dedicated to sustainability, hosted their first virtual business game of the 2020/21 academic year, called ‘Staiy in the Game’.

The event was organised in collaboration with Staiy, a sustainable, innovative start-up of a fashion marketplace merging aesthetics, sustainability and AI-technology in a single place. 

‘Staiy in the Game’ offered the unique opportunity to get in contact with professionals in the sustainable fashion sector and give a concrete form to some forward-thinking business ideas.

During the first round on 7th November, teams of ESCP students from across all campuses gathered to hear the introduction to the challenge.  Elisa Actis, the President of GEA, and Lorenzo Nicoletti, Madrid Campus Head of GEA, introduced Alessandro Nora, one of Staiy’s co-founders, who presented the start-up, their achievements, and also the topics of the business games. Participants were asked to develop a solution for Staiy to make the packaging and delivery system more sustainable. 

On 14th November, participants had the opportunity to present their projects to two of Staiy’s co-founders, Alessandro Nora and Ludovico Durante. They were very impressed by the work of the students and selected two teams, one for the packaging and the other for the delivery logistics. The winning team for a sustainable packaging solution was made of: Gabriela Del Nero, Lucien Douchet, Marin Bascher, and Romain Van Gaver (Master in Management students). For delivery logistics strategy, the winners were: Emma Bertelli, Carlotta Burgher, Camilla Serantoni, Margherita Nasi, and Francesca Soldatini (Pre-Master Year students at the Turin campus). 

Staiy's four co-founders (Adrian Leue, Alessandro Nora, Ludovico Durante and Chiara Latini) are ESCP alumni, graduates of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme (Class of 2019).