On Monday, 15th January 2024, ESCP Business School’s London Campus welcomed the MSc in Marketing & Creativity Class of 2025, marking the programme's 15th intake since its launch in 2010.

With 650+ alumni in over 40 countries around the world, the MSc in Marketing & Creativity has established itself in the market as a strategic and innovative Master, seamlessly integrating creativity and analytical thinking to address challenges of the contemporary business environment.

Our 15th edition of the programme welcomed 65 students from 27 different nationalities, continuing the tradition of diversity of thought and background among our students, the fuel of collective creativity and a successful co-created learning experience.

Ranked 4th worldwide in the QS Business Masters Rankings (2024), the MSc in Marketing & Creativity deploys multiple approaches to marketing. Through its case- and project-based ‘Not By The Book’ teaching methodology, it prepares the next generation of strategic, responsible, competent and creative marketers – all of whom share its values of creativity, diversity, collaboration, impact, inclusivity, integrity, and ethical behaviour.

The programme, also known to its community as MMK, teaches how to be strategic and analytical in a data-driven world to provide innovative solutions to complex problems that have impact and reach, while also teaching students about creativity in business, management and performance, developing their cognitive flexibility, fluency of ideas and agility.

Each year, the programme continues to push its creative boundaries and innovate its curriculum. In 2024, the programme's Global Issues module will continue evolving with expert-led sessions on digital ethics, AI, blockchain, NFTs, and an in-depth exploration of luxury and entertainment trends in China. Another practical innovation is the introduction of the individual Creative Portfolio, which students will develop under careful guidance from an expert brand strategist, providing them with the tools to showcase to future employers all projects on which they work throughout the year.

One of the first projects to be added to the portfolio will be the response to a creative brief from Ferrari, where students will engage in experiential learning and collaborate with professional improvisers to refine their communication and ideation skills. The later creative seminars will also include navigating creativity in regulated environments, working with BNP Paribas; a seminar on enhancing emotional intelligence in leadership; the L'Oréal 'Big Picture' Project; an omnichannel strategies project with Chanel; and the opportunity to develop skills in Art Thinking, where students will be working with artists to build entrepreneurial and out-of-the-box thinking skills, to name a few.

The MSc in Marketing & Creativity students spend the majority of their time in the vibrant city of London. This is followed with one term hosted at the ESCP Paris campus, thereby allowing them to benefit from two of the world’s most recognised centres of creative excellence.

The combination of its unique focus, teaching methodology, interaction with experts, and up-to-date content in marketing equips MSc in Marketing & Creativity students with one of the most striking, thought-provoking and–above all–career-broadening Marketing masters currently available.

The programme alumni can be found in a variety of creative roles in companies including L'Oréal, LVMH, Chanel, Microsoft, Tiktok, Farfetch, Publicis, Ferrari, Unilever, and more.

Chloe Preece, Associate Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the programme says: “We are delighted to welcome our 15th cohort of students from all over the world to the MSc in Marketing & Creativity, ranked 4th worldwide. The programme's focus on the interface between creativity and analytical thinking is unique and increasingly urgent in responding to the most pressing challenges of the contemporary business environment.

"We are continually pushing our vision forwards in order to bring our students a cutting-edge approach to teaching and learning, blending state of the art knowledge with the skills needed to navigate a complex and dynamic environment. We do so through our 'Not By The Book approach', exploring new ways of understanding markets and consumers by drawing on interdisciplinary approaches, and inviting a number of experts from various domains to provide the practical insights needed.

"Our focus continues to be on professional development, working with some of the biggest brands in the world on consultancy projects and creative seminars, equipping our students with a critical business understanding, an agile mindset, international perspectives and the practical skills they need to become purpose-driven leaders who have a positive impact on the world.”

Marie Taillard, L’Oréal Professor of Creativity Marketing at ESCP Business School and the MSc in Marketing & Creativity programme creator says: “Fifteen years ago, we had a vision for a cutting-edge programme that would prepare young professionals for rewarding marketing careers and make them stand out among their peers. Today, we are proud that this vision continues to be realised year after year. Most of our 600+ alumni have risen to senior roles, bringing a responsible and innovative leadership approach and a winning combination of creative and analytical skills to the companies that employ them across markets.

"The MMK is now well established as one of the top programmes worldwide for ambitious future marketing changemakers. Our students, alumni, industry partners, faculty and staff love our programme for its uniqueness, innovativeness and boldness. Happy 15th Anniversary to us all!”

Professor Kamran Razmdoost, Dean of ESCP Business School’s London Campus and former Academic Director of the programme says: “Congratulations to the MSc in the Marketing and Creativity (MMK) community including students, alumni, corporate partners, staff and faculty for launching the 15th edition of the programme. This is a globally unique programme showing agility in equipping the global marketing talent with progressive and future-looking tools, perspectives and mindsets. We are proud of our MMK community, our alumni success and the bonding between our alumni, students, partners, staff and faculty.”

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