Dear ESCP London Community,

We are all following the news coming out of Ukraine with great sadness and concern. As announced early in the conflict, ESCP has committed to launching a Certificate in European Management for Ukrainian refugees across our campus cities. Our team has been working hard on developing the ESCP4U programme along with our colleagues on other campuses, and we will have more information soon.

We have spoken to Ukrainian members of our ESCP community who have expressed great interest in our effort. This effort is driven by our School’s strong European values and our mission to inspire and educate purpose-driven leaders.

Here in London, we are determined to do even more for the Ukrainian people. Many students and staff members have asked us about a fundraising campaign, and together we have decided to launch our ESCP London Ukraine Fundraiser in time for Thursday’s Annual Student Gala.

As we prepare to celebrate being together again, it seems particularly fitting that we also show our support for the Ukrainian people by contributing to this fundraising effort. Funds will be raised for the British Red Cross and will be funneled by the Red Cross directly to the UK Disasters Emergency Committee. This is the best way to ensure that our contributions go to the people who need the support.

Please join all of us in contributing as generously as you can to our fundraising effort. Any donation, no matter how small, will count towards our £50,000 goal. Let’s show that our ESCP London Community really cares and can make a significant difference in the lives of our neighbours under such a tragic attack.

Make your donation here

With thanks,
The London ESCP4Ukraine Committee