On 28th March 2022, ESCP London Campus hosted a roundtable discussion dedicated to the current and future challenges to the banking industry amidst the present volatile situation in the financial markets and beyond.

The event, which was followed by a networking reception, was organised by the Master in Management’s Investment Banking Specialisation. Eighty guests attended the panel discussion in-person, but the School also accommodated for those joining virtually.

Expert guest speakers were Stelios Manolopoulos, Head of Greece and Cyprus Investment Banking at Citi, Maurizio Ghirga, Chief Representative at the Bank of Italy, and Luca Bernardone, Algo Quant Trader at Société Générale. The discussion was moderated by Loubna Regragui, Vice President, Debt Capital Markets - Corporates at Citi,

Dr. Panagiotis Dontis-Charitos, Associate Professor of Finance at ESCP Business School and Director of the Investment Banking Specialisation in London, and Andrea Giuliani, Student Rep. Master in Management Investment Banking Specialisation at ESCP Business School.

Guest speakers discussed and responded to questions on a range of topics, including:

  • The recent economic and geopolitical environment and its impact on markets and participants.
  • How investment banks are expected to navigate current and future challenges.
  • Employment matters and opportunities in banking.

Dr. Panagiotis Dontis-Charitos commented: ‘It was a great pleasure to be able to hear the views of such high-calibre bankers and exchange with them on key areas expected to shape the direction of economies, corporates, and investment banks.’

Loubna Regragui said: ‘It was an inspiring and thoughtful panel, which addressed the main global challenges impacting corporates and the banking industry in general, while also covering the latest macroeconomic developments. This sparked a very high-quality engagement amongst the students.’

Andrea Giuliani shared: ‘The ESCP Business School curriculum and, in particular, the Investment Banking specialisation at the London Campus, has the ability to bring students closer to not only the world of work but also its professionals and experts. It was a pleasure for me, as a Class Representative, to have helped realise this event which involved more than 70 students in approaching the political, social and economic dynamics of the world of finance.

‘The valuable presentations given by the speakers highlighted how essential it is to continue to aim for a transversal and comprehensive approach in all university lessons to better address the world of tomorrow, and consequently act in the process of the growth and stabilisation of our economies, investments and private lives.’