ESCP Business SchoolBecomes an Academic Partners of the Women's Forum

As part of its strategic commitment to the promotion of equity and inclusion, ESCP has entered into a partnership with the Women's Forum.

ESCP is committed to promoting women's leadership in the corporate world and is developing European programmes designed to address the many issues faced by women in the workplace and in leadership roles.

In line with this commitment, ESCP has initiated programmes such as it’s "Women in Leadership" certificate and has added content on female leadership and entrepreneurship in many of its courses.

Flexibility has also been added to the delivery of the School’s EMBA in order to make continuing education more accessible for women who tend to be faced with greater caregiving responsibilities outside of work. The programme now features choice over study mode and duration, as well as a bigger menu of electives.

In parallel to its programmes, ESCP Business School offers a range of scholarships specifically dedicated to female leaders to empower them to transform companies.

Our partnership with the Women's Forum is a boost to ESCP's continuing efforts to encourage diversity in business and to promote gender equality in all regards. In collaborative mode we can enhance both the awareness of these issues and support women in terms of their leadership skills and advancement.

Professor Simon Mercado, Executive Vice President for Business & External Relations - ESCP Business SchoolProfessor Philippe ThomasExecutive Vice President for Business & External Relations

This year ESCP will intervene via the expertise of Professor Véronique Tran at Women's Forum Germany in Berlin on 20 and 21 June 2022.


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