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Last week, a draft report from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was leaked by the Agence France-Presse. Though certain elements of the report may evolve between now and the scheduled release in February 2022, one message rings clear:

"Current levels of adaptation will be inadequate to respond to future climate risks." The consequences of inaction threaten the lives of humans and the earth's many organisms. Not in 100 years. In the coming decades.

Change is needed at all levels of society, from the private to the public spheres. And technology is seen more than ever as an indispensable tool to make this happen.

This month on The Choice, the ESCP community reflected on technology as a solution to society's most pressing challenges. In other words, Tech For Good.

1. Article of the Month

human arm covered with grass and lush and robotic hand on flat background

TechForGood: what can we really do with technology to achieve good?

We take a closer look at the TechForGood movement with ESCP professors Aurélien Acquier & Terence Tse.

We live in a time where technology and social issues have never been more closely linked. So, how should tech entrepreneurs and innovators be approaching this relationship to create meaningful change? We take a closer look at the TechForGood movement with two ESCP professors Aurélien Acquier & Terence Tse.

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3. Show me the Data

data of the month, The Choice

But the chances of receiving a comment reduce by 50% when sharing articles, images or videos, compared to textual posts!

Associate Professor of Marketing Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee shares her tips for personal branding on LinkedIn based on a study of 43,000 public LinkedIn updates.

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4. Podcast of the Month

podcast of the month, The Choice

ESCP has partnered with the Financial Times to produce three “audio articles” on key topics that we're passionate about: European Leadership, Sustainability and the Future of Work.

Originally published on ft.com, we’re excited to bring to you the Director’s Cut on The Choice.

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Discover the latest articles of June on The Choice

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