Climate Fresk: Madrid campus debates about climate change

A Climate Fresk workshop was held with the staff and professors of ESCP Madrid campus as part of the sustainable activities planned to raise awareness of climate change and in order to reach a social tipping point that will help guide us to a low carbon world.

The Climate Fresk is a science based and collaborative method for providing a quality climate education and it comes from the most respected scientific sources: the IPCC reports, which are the same reports that inform political and economic decision-making at the highest level around the world.

The Workshop

It consisted of linking the cause and effects of climate change by activating the group’s collective intelligence. The activity counted on 2 external facilitators and the attendance of 17 participants who were organized in 3 different groups. In 3 hours, the participants were able to take a step back and understand the system nature of the challenges of climate change for the first time to take constructive actions and build solutions. 

In groups, the participants had open and positive conversations as well as connected the cause and consequences through 42 cards that enabled them to make sense of climate science and foster collaboration to solve the climate emergency.


The participants showed their satisfaction with the activity and gratitude by being more aware of the climate crisis and being well-equipped to implement the climate actions that they’ve identified.

Every group reflected and linked on the causes and consequences putting a name of the final scheme obtained 


Different proposals emerged to take action in an individual and an organizational level at Madrid campus, such as: plastic free policy, creation of a circular platform economy for Madrid campus, control of temperatures, use of digital tech, less meat consumption, optimization of the email sending, efficient air conditioner and so on…