Centre for Sustainability Transformation & Applied Research

We envision a world in which companies can transform sustainably.

At ESCP STAR, we identify people who bring wisdom, celebrate them and foster lasting connections. We aim to create a powerful, living organism that helps transform individuals and organisations, sparking innovation in the wider field of business education.

Jan EhlersJan Ehlers

With ESCP STAR, we aim at a research- and education-based transformation of purpose of organisations. Sustainability is not a tool to solve business challenges. Business is the tool to solve Sustainability challenges.

Florian Lüdeke-FreundFlorian Lüdeke-Freund

Centre for Sustainability Transformation & Applied Research

As we live in a rapidly-changing and dynamic world, where technological progress and cultural shifts present both significant opportunities and serious challenges, organisations find it difficult to keep up. Being at the spotlight of economic and political activity, businesses feel the pressure coming from all sides: complex regulatory environment, proactive social movements, expanding international competition, changing expectations of new generation of workers and consumers.

We at the ESCP STAR understand the difficulty organisations face when trying to navigate these complexities. Building on more than 200 years of leading business education, we find ourselves in a perfect position to offer support, guidance, and provide orientation in this vast and dynamic field of sustainability transformation in business. Knowing that at the core of any cultural transformation are people, we cultivate and empower individuals from a variety of backgrounds and at all levels of organisations to apply their passion, insights, skills and gifts towards solving social and environmental challenges of today. Guided by cutting-edge research, validated scientific work, innovative teaching methods and outstanding examples of initiatives from the field, we design, teach, train, immerse, inspire, connect and collaborate, continuously expanding our global sustainability transformation network.

We cordially invite you to join us in our mission if you share our values and feel the call of our commitment. Get in touch with us right now to see how we can combine our forces in co-creating sustainable business transformation side by side.

Vision & Mission


A world in which companies can transform sustainably.


STAR creates an environment in which organisations and individuals get inspired, learn, and exchange about sustainable business model transformations.

Meet the ESCP STAR! from Anastasia Shevchenko on Vimeo.


A new study by Bertelsmann Stiftung and ESCP STAR Center looks into the sustainability orientations and business model transformations of 500 German companies. The main finding: Europe's largest economy is just beginning its sustainability transformation.

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3rd Symposium on Teaching Curriculum Development in Sustainability Entrepreneurship

3rd Symposium on Teaching & Curriculum Development in Sustainability Entrepreneurship

July 1 - July 2 2024


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3rd Symposium on Teaching Curriculum Development in Sustainability Entrepreneurship

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Main focus areas

Research transfer

Sustainable transformation is enabled via improved sustainability literacy

By synthesizing and curating available research on sustainability mindsets, sustainability transitions, and sustainable business models, further translating it into digestible formats, the ESCP STAR aims to improve the sustainability literacy of its main target audiences (managers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, consultants, and students).

These activities include:

  • Developing, funding, and sponsoring flagship studies on sustainable business model transformation, such as a study we are currently working on in partnership with the Bertelsmann Foundation
  • Curating and presenting top-notch sustainability research for practitioners and professionals, in the form of videos, infographics, whitepapers, one-pagers, small reports and case studies
  • Organising and contributing to conferences and symposiums, joining forces together with other researchers, institutions, collaborators, partners, government bodies, think-tanks and nonprofit organisations
  • Setting up fellow and residence programs in collaboration with partner institutions and organisations
Education formats

Sustainability transformation can only be achieved through proper education

To accelerate sustainability transformation, ESCP STAR focuses on developing holistic learning approaches that empower inspired changemakers with head, heart and hand. We aspire to close the knowledge gap and equip organisations with the right skills and mindsets by training, coaching and mentoring their change captains.

These activities include:

  • “Sustainability Transformation Mindsets” course that we hope to deliver by Summer 2025.
  • Creating and continuously improving Executive Education and Training for Managers
  • Developing of engaging and experiential educational formats, where sustainable business ideals and practices are taught in class and in the field
  • Organising and contributing to workshops and immersions in which students and professionals dive deeper into highly specialized and customized topics of interest
  • Offering student-led Company Consultancy Projects (CCPs) to organisations dedicated to finding solutions to sustainability challenges
Community Building

Sustainability transformation is driven by people

The ESCP STAR fosters interpersonal connections through recurring events, accelerating knowledge sharing and stimulating co-creative formats with people from business, academia, government and future talent.

These activities include:

  • Initiating and partaking in roundtables and discussions with partnering companies and politicians contributing to exchange, dialogue, synergies, and collaborations
  • Creating and sponsoring thematic hackathons to solve sustainability challenges of partner companies through students’ creativity and innovative thinking
  • Organising annual conferences such as ESCP’s SDG conference or the New Business Models Conference

OUR Past Activities

Governance and centre management

Anastasia Shevchenko

Anastasia Shevchenko

Development Director
Iryna Shapoval

Iryna Shapoval

Project Management
Carolin Waldner

Carolin Waldner

Educational Formats

ESCP STAR Advisory Board Members

Alexis Figeac. General Partner. Sustainability Investors LLP

Alexis Figeac

General Partner
Sustainability Investors LLP
Anke Weidling. Consultant Leadership Advisory. Egon Zehnder

Anke Weidling

Consultant Leadership Advisory
Egon Zehnder
Axel Bachmann. Sustainability Expert. Ex Coca-Cola

Axel Bachmann

Sustainability Expert
Ex Coca-Cola
Daniel Perzweig

Daniel Perzweig

Director of International Development
Gowling WLG
Ioannis Hatzopoulos. Director Sustainability & Recycling Communications. Procter & Gamble

Ioannis Hatzopoulos

Director Sustainability & Recycling Communications
Procter & Gamble
an Ehlers. Director Executive Education & Business Solutions. Kuehne Logistics University

Jan Ehlers

Director Executive Education & Business Solutions
Kuehne Logistics University
Joe Miemczyk. Associate Dean for Sustainability Transition - ESCP Business School

Joe Miemczyk

Associate Dean for Sustainability Transition
ESCP Business School
Klaus Kunz

Klaus Kunz

Managing Director
Maureen Müller. Product Development Manager. Chamaeleon Reisen

Maureen Müller

Product Development Manager
Chamaeleon Reisen
Martin Rebs. Chief Operating Officer & Board Member. Nortal AG

Martin Rebs

Chief Operating Officer & Board Member
Nortal AG
Peter Mockler

Peter Mockler

Advisor & Investor
Ex Bearing Point
Sven Scheid. Director Executive Education - ESCP Business School

Sven Scheid

Director Executive Education
ESCP Business School
Thomas Schmitz. Director Administration & Finance - ESCP Business School

Thomas Schmitz

Director Administration & Finance
ESCP Business School