ESCP Impact Papers Fourth Edition New technologies and the future of individuals, organisations, and society

Edited by

  • Daniele BATTAGLIA
  • Alessandro LANTERI
  • Yannick MEILLER

This edition focuses on emergent and future technological challenges.

We have been living in a rapidly changing world of technological disruptions driven by the digital revolution. Many researchers have identified tensions between benefits and challenges arising from technological innovation for organisations (on one hand) and individuals (on the other hand).

At the organisational level, emerging technologies imply more opportunities to compete in fast-moving contexts, but also implementation challenges in incorporating them to their business processes.

AI technologies are transforming our lives. The AI-based chatbot known as ChatGPT illustrates how new technologies allow us doing things at an exponential pace and with efficient results.

However, these technologies call for a comprehensive and nuanced exploration of this transformation. It is particularly important to focus our attention on human, ethical and regulatory and aspects, to avoid losing human control:

Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.
— Stephen Hawking

This 4th edition aims to explore all the B.E.S.T dimensions of impactful research strategy at ESCP Business School (Business, European and worldwide, Societal and environmental, and Teaching), through multi-disciplinary contributions, based on the expertise and experience of the ESCP faculty, thus stimulating creative ideas and innovative perspectives that could inspire our many stakeholders. The underpinning idea is to investigate the following under-explored question: What will the implications of new technologies be from a holistic perspective and across the various levels of impact?

As for the previous editions, this 4th edition of ESCP IPs is very open and reflects the diversity of expertise within the faculty. We have grouped the contributions under thematic headings that fall within the principles of our B.E.S.T strategy: Business, European, Societal, and Teaching.

The topic is still emergent, it represents an introductive avenue for further research and interest for academics and broader stakeholders.

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