Geopolitics and Global Business Impact

ESCP Impact Papers Third Edition

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Many observers consider that the process of globalization that has characterized these past decades has stalled, or may even be in retreat. This is, for instance, reflected in the resurgence of debates on the increasing role of national political and regulatory institutions within the development of economic activities. Recent events also show us that geopolitical issues are once again central to business activity and its future development.

The objective of this series is to explore from various angles how geopolitical issues can influence the strategies of companies and their managerial practices at the international and national levels– not only as potential risks (the “dark side”) but also as opportunities for innovation and societal change (“the bright side”).

Business and the socio-political arena are intimately entwined and influence each other mutually, contradicting Fukuyama’s famous claim that we are not at the end of history.
In particular, the most recent militarized conflicts in Eastern Europe dramatically remind us that business and management challenges are embedded in economic, political and societal issues. Business is not a world apart, but contributes to the question of making sense of human activity.

In calling for contributions, the aim was to encourage the ESCP academic community to reflect and generate insights on the complexity and the uncertainties of a multi polar word and how management can help tell a story in a world “full of sound and fury”.

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