Better Business: Creating Sustainable Value

ESCP Impact Papers Second Edition

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The papers gathered for this second edition of the ESCP Impact Papers series address a range of challenges and opportunities for businesses to create sustainable value. Specifically, they discuss the latest advances in knowledge of sustainability-related issues, including business philosophy and business value, corporate activism, the role of technology, new business models and sustainable value chains, people, their wellbeing and their prosocial behaviour, as well as pedagogy and the role of business schools in educating future responsible leaders. The impact papers build strong arguments around these issues, providing evidence and illustrations.

The contributions map out some of the key issues businesses are facing in their transition towards creating sustainable value. The papers also point towards some of the key initiatives and solutions that can help them achieve this goal.

Finally, this impact series is a collective effort by the ESCP community as it takes one step further in having a positive impact on business, society and policy.

Better Business: Creating Sustainable Value - ESCP Impact Papers - Ebook

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