We are happy to announce that ESCP Business School will participate in the Rowing Regatta in Turin for the very first time.

The historic rowing challenge between the Politecnico di Torino and the University of Turin on the banks of the river Po celebrates its 25th edition this year.

To celebrate this milestone, along with the Politecnico and University teams, ESCP Business School, the third University hub in Turin, will also participate in the event with its team. 


  • 4.30 pm Collect your gadget to support the ESCP team (for the first 100 participants) at Rettorato dell'Università di Torino
  • 5.00 pm ceremony at the Rector's Office of the University of Turin;
  • 5.30 pm parade along Via Po and up to the Murazzi, led by the Marching Band;
  • 6.00 pm start of the races with the women's 4 pair followed by the men's 8 pair;
  • 7.00 pm end of competitions and prize-giving;
  • from 7.00 pm DJ set at Porto Urbano at the Murazzi.

For further information, check the ESCP Turin Campus ESCP Info Desk.

A bit of history
Since 1997, the year of its first edition, the Rowing Regatta has become a classic autumn appointment in Turin. The Turin 'CUS - Centro Universitario Sportivo' (University Sports Centre) decided to organise an event similar to the historic challenge between the prestigious English colleges of Cambridge and Oxford (which has been held on the waters of the Thames since the 19th century) to promote sports and a sense of belonging to the university community. The British rowing challenge inspired CUS Torino, which has embraced this tradition by allowing university student-athletes to enjoy competitive rowing in the Turin area. 

2022 Rowing Regatta - Turin