Congrats to the students of the Digitalization Specialization from ESCP Business School who presented their projects on work transformation in front of a jury of experts


  • AI anxiety - How to manage the stress generated by AI in your teams and for yourself?
  • AI decision  making - How to manage AI in decision making?
  • AI learning - How to learn cleverly with AI and disseminate this to employees?
  • Sustainable AI - How to navigate sustainability challenges in Gen AI ?
  • 4 days week - How does Gen Z perceive this change?
  • Cooperation - How to enhance cooperation in a digital world?
  • Digital  nomads - How do digital nomads maintain professional networks amid frequent global moves?
  • Wellbeing - How to manage employee well-being in a digital environment ?

This challenge is the final step of a 30-hour course delivered by Professor Emmanuelle Léon, Scientific Director of the Reinventing Work Chair. This course "Shaping the future of leadership in the digital era" is designed with the jury members and the chair's stakeholders.

Photos événement

We warmly thank our jury of experts (see you all in 2025!)

Myriam Ben Abdallah Aiata Gay Arnaud W. Dominique F. TurcQ Marcus Goddard Adeline Combet

A special mention to Muriel Touaty for welcoming the group at Onepoint premises with a wonderful introduction, and to Julien FABRE who has been great at organizing the event

A big thank you to Yaelle Amsallem who has coached the different groups. And to Anne Israël for the coordination of the event (and of all the chair's activities)

And the winners are ...
“How to navigate sustainability challenges in Gen AI? »
with a prize of 300 euros for each student from the @ReinventingWorkChair

Congratulations to Blanche Corcelle Shrey Gupta Armaan Kumar Emmanuel Ruiz Emilie Sarreau Harsh Tatiya


"Our research explores the sustainability challenges linked to the use of Generative AI, focusing on how these issues are perceived by university students and professionals. We discuss the environmental costs of AI, including high energy consumption and e-waste, contrasting 'Red AI' with the emerging 'Green AI' that prioritizes efficiency and sustainability. Surveys and interviews reveal a general awareness of AI's potential environmental impacts, yet a significant gap in understanding their scale and urgency, alongside a lack of sustainable practices at the organizational level." (executive summary summarized with the help of AI tools)

Stay tuned! more to come soon on the different research projects