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IoT for sustainability conference

IoT for sustainability: review of the 5th Chair meeting

On the 8th March 2024, under the adept moderation of Sandrine Macé, ESCP Professor and Scientific Director of the Chair, a convergence of ideas unfolded. It's the IoT for sustainability conference, where pioneers from the realms of IoT and sustainability united to address this pressing question: how can the Internet of Things contribute to reducing carbon emissions and improving the environment?

Among the guests, each bearing the banner of a renowned company, stand Marion Huertas on behalf of Signify, Marc Bouchard Genet from BearingPoint, Thomas Ledoux representing Michelin, and Zoya Alexeeva from Schneider Electric. Each brought not just their titles but a wealth of experience and insight.

Picture of intervenants

Ideas Illuminate the potential of IoT for sustainability

As the day progressed, attendees gathered impactful insights from real-world case studies presented by esteemed industry figures: 

Marion Huertas painted a picture of energy-efficient illumination, where the glow of connected solar lights not only brightens our streets but also dims the emissions that cloud our skies. Meanwhile, Marc Bouchard Genet delved into the details of quantifying the net impact of IoT for a greener tomorrow.

Thomas Ledoux took the stage with the promise of a transportation industry transformed by IoT. For example, he spoke of IoT’s potential for maintenance processes that allow better monitoring of wear, pressure and temperature to waste fewer tyres. And then there's Zoya Alexeeva, whose words sketched a landscape where companies and customers alike find sustainable value in IoT.

Intervention du Professeur Sandrine Macé lors de la conférence IoT for Sustainability


A beacon of hope for a sustainable future

But beyond the presentations lies a deeper truth: the seed of a future where technology and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. It's a future crafted not by solitary visionaries, but by the collective effort of those who dare to invest in R&D and contribute to building a world where progress is not the enemy of nature but its steadfast ally.

And so, as the conference drew to a close, there lingered a sense of hope and awareness of the undeniable power of human ingenuity. When minds meet and ideas collide, we uncover the blueprint for a world where the Internet of Things isn't just a tool for connectivity, but a beacon of hope in the quest for a sustainable future.

Under the echo of those strong words, a white paper is being prepared to reflect the ideas shared by the different pioneers who participated in this conference.

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