New Podcast The Industry Transformation Podcast

The challenges of industrial transformation.

This series is a companion to ESCP Business School and Centrale Supélec’s Specialised Master of Science in Industry Transformation Management.

In each episode, we speak with one of the programme’s professors, to get an understanding of the subject they teach, the theme of their class and the importance and impact their area of specialty is having in today’s industrial landscape.

In these one-on-one conversations, they share their views of what they see as novel enabling factors in the transformation of industrial companies. They offer a perspective on what really matters and what will be the keys to success in the years to come.

Whether you are a student looking to gain further education in industrial transformation management, or a consultant guiding industrial clients, or even an industry manager yourself, we hope this podcast will inspire you and hopefully spark new ideas.

Episode One
Industry and circular economy: do we have a match?

Gregory Richa

Our speaker today is Gregory Richa. He is an associate director at OPEO, a French consulting firm, that helps industrial businesses and their ecosystems become market leaders by rethinking their organisations and operations.

In his course in the Master and more generally in his consulting work, Gregory brings together the major environmental challenges of our time and puts them against the traditional business models we still see in the industry today. These models don’t take resource scarcity into account, which is a major challenge for any industry that wants to survive in the years to come.

As part of his work, Gregory helps established industrial companies shift into new development models, by learning to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

He also advices startup companies that already leverage circularity and helps them scale their operations in order to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Gregory is also the co-founder of circular-for-good, an initiative that brings together industrial companies, experts and institutions, to better share ideas and experiences on creating successful circular models in the industry.

Gregory is the co-author of a book published by Dunod in September of last year, called Pivoter vers l’industrie circulaire, which means Pivoting into the circular industry.This book speaks to industrial managers and entrepreneurs. It explains why implementing circularity is a necessity. It also offers insight on how to implement.

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Industry and circular economy: do we have a match? with Gregory Richa

Episode Two
How can leadership become an enabling factor?

Alexandre Tissot

Alexandre Tissot has long been an affiliate professor at ESCP Business School and was actually the co-founder of the Industry Transformation Management master program.

He has an extensive teaching background, at both CentraleSupelec and ESCP Business School.

Today, Alexandre is an associate partner at OPEO, a French consulting firm, that helps industrial businesses rethink their organisations, to become market leaders.

Alexandre focuses on leadership issues and accompanying managers. He is also a coach specialised in the coaching of leaders.

In addition, he is a psychoanalyst, with a strong interest in active psychoanalysis.

Alexandre is currently writing a book that should come out early next year, which will be a transformation manifest, the aims to bring transformation concepts within everyone’s reach.

This year in the master program, Alexandre teaches a course where he looks at how a leader can sometimes be a limiting factor in an industrial transformation effort. The course also covers what leadership needs to absorb from day-to-day operations to help build their vision.

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How can leadership become an enabling factor?  Alexandre Tissot

Episode Three
Should industry be a societal force?

Robin Lenormand

Robin Lenormand is an industrial consultant at OPEO, a French consulting firm, that helps industrial businesses rethink their organisations to become market leaders.

Over the past five years, Robin has worked with close to 60 of these companies, both in the United States and in Europe. He has led a variety of consulting missions, from improving production or quality control processes, to designing new production lines.

In the Master of Science, Robin teaches a course on industry and society.

He observes how the industry has gradually scaled back in Europe over the past 30 years. He looks into the societal impact. And he offers a perspective on how the industry can help overcome some of today’s societal challenges.

He also underscores how the industry must contribute to making unskilled shop floor jobs more appealing and attractive. As these jobs are essential if we want to maintain and develop the industry.

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Should industry be a societal force?   Robin Lenormand

Episode Four
How do you plant the seed of success?

Emmanuel Delcourt

Emmanuel Delcourt is an engineer, with a focus on transforming agriculture and the food industry.

He graduated from UTC, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, in France, with a degree in chemical engineering. He started his career in production management and then moved into procurement.

That’s where he got interested in transformation management, at first transforming opposing interests between buyers and sellers into a consensus. Then gradually transforming organisations themselves.

He became transformation director in a number of large organisations in the food industry.

Today, Emmanuel Delcourt is an entrepreneur. Two years ago, he acquired a local distributor of agricultural equipment and developed an innovation platform called Odyssée.

Odyssée explores how to transform agriculture and the agricultural ecosystem, to better prepare our future.

He says his is passionate about what grows from the earth, because that’s where everything starts.

Emmanuel has been teaching procurement management at Ecole Centrale for 10 years. Today, in ESCP Business School and Centrale Supelec’s MSc on Industry Transformation Management, he teaches how to make a transformation successful.

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How do you plant the seed of success? Emmanuel Delcourt