essay competition

ESCP STAR, a center for Sustainability Transformation & Applied Research, which has a triple focus on academic research transfer (1) into new educational formats (2) for change-makers wanting to have an edge and join our sustainable transformation community (3), is putting together an open essay competition with prizes.

How does it work?

Write an essay on a topic "Why organizations need to undergo sustainability transformation at their core and urgently", giving it your own creative title and take on the issue. Feel free to make it into a passionate speech with solid arguments aimed at big corporations, providing them with reasons why they need to transform at their core, and not just for the looks. You have a chance to engage and inspire organizations to become a part of the solution, not the problem. Write an essay alone or in teams of 2-3, but make sure it is original, coherent, well-structured, and above all, has the power to touch people's hearts, aside from sounding convincing from a logical point of view.

What's in it for you?

Aside from the possibility of presenting your winning essay/speech at the award ceremony in the frames of a STAR special event in person, you also have a chance to win.

Our monetary prizes:
  1. 500 €

  2. 300 €

  3. 100 €

What's more, you will become famous :-)

All essays will be published in a special book and will be made available to all participants around Christmas time. We will also use this book to engage with organizations, empowering them to find sustainable solutions for their businesses.

When is the deadline for submission?

Make sure you submit your essay on time until November 15 at midnight. Email your essays to:

How will essays be judged?

A special commission is created for the purpose of reading and giving scores to contesting essays.

Make sure you agree to our terms & conditions:

  • The same person cannot apply both solo and as a part of a team
  • All essays have to be original, if plagiarism or use of AI technology is suspected, writers will be disqualified from the competition
  • The winning students or teams have to be present at the award ceremony in the frames of the special STAR event (The date for this event is either 25.11 or 02.12, so make sure you are available on both dates)
  • All essays have to follow a specific formatting style described below
  • All participants must agree to publishing their work in a special book created for the purpose
  • All participants must provide a headshot for this essay book
  • All participants agree to receive communication from the STAR center pertaining to the competition, the book of essays, and the award ceremony day in the frames of the special STAR event

Formatting style: please follow this style carefully!

  • MLA Format
  • Font: 12 pt Times New Roman
  • Spacing: double-spaced
  • Indent: 0,5'' left-margin for each paragraph
  • Margins: 1'' at all sides of the page
  • Page numbers: top left corner of the page, include your last name (Ex: Smith 1)
  • Number of pages: the essay should not exceed 3 pages (approximately 1500 words), however, if you use references, you can add additional page for that
  • Heading: on the first page of the essay, upper right corner (Your full name, program you are in, date)
  • Title: between the heading and the body of text, centered, bolded


Organiser: ESCP Berlin Campus

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 15/11/2023

Start time: 11:59 PM

End time: 11:59 PM