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Sustainability: boosting the transition towards a green future

Sustainability plays a crucial role in research and teaching, as well as in daily operations on the Berlin campus, giving it its rightful position as one of the trio of academic key areas: sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalisation.

ESCP Berlin’s Vision

ESCP Berlin’s vision is that sustainability should be the cornerstone on which a business should be built. Therefore, as a higher education institution offering a Bachelor programme, Master programmes and Executive Education programmes, the School considers it as its responsibility to empower students and executives with knowledge, skills and research. The overarching goal being to inspire future leaders to think out of the box and to shape them into change agents who will solve sustainability issues in the world.

Berlin's Advisory Board

Among many sustainability projects, the School has an Advisory Board which aims to expand the community for Sustainable Business at ESCP Berlin and advance this significant subject area within the European context. ESCP Berlin is also now one of the first business schools to become a member of HOCHN - a German joint project which promotes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a network of higher education institutions.

Promote Sustainability on Campus

In an effort to further promote sustainability on campus, ESCP Berlin is joining the Green Office Movement in September 2019. By launching its own Green Office, the School provides a platform for sustainability projects that empowers students and staff to integrate sustainability in the curriculum, operations, community and governance.

Berlin 2019 | Conference for Sustainable Innovation (SDGs)
Master in International Sustainability Management (MSc)
Master in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation (MSc)

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