Strategic Agile Management for Business

ESCP is a Premier Authorized Training Partner by Project Management Institute (PMI®)
ESCP is an Authorized Training Partner by Project Management Institute (PMI)

A New Way of Learning & Developing Through Gamification

The best practical training that will allow you to learn the techniques and skills required to successfully implement the agile management within your company, regardless of its size, field and complexity.

  • New management mindset | Leading high-performance teams | Agile methods
  • Learning by Doing approach, situational Videos & Games
  • Latest Digital Technology

“The only programme that changes mindsets and enables effective results through the mastery of agile methods.”

1 Master the new management mindset
Acquire the new agile mindset: strategic, organisational and operational
2 Leading high-performing teams
Manage cross-functional teams, empower talents, improve adaptation to market and organisational changes.
3 Master the Agile methods
You will be able to apply it directly to your workplace, organisational context and business.

Learning Content

Agile mindset

  • Advocate for agile principles and values to create a shared mindset
  • Ensure a common understanding of agile
  • Support change through educating and influencing through agility
  • Practice transparency in order to enhance trust
  • Create a safe environment for experimentation
  • Experiment with new techniques and processes

Agile methods

  • Plan work incrementally
  • Share knowledge through collaboration
  • Re-prioritize periodically to maximize value
  • Prioritize non-functional requirements
  • Review and improve the overall process and product

Value driven delivery

  • Gain consensus on just-in-time acceptance criteria
  • Tune process to organization, team, and project
  • Release minimal viable products
  • Working small batches, review often and prioritize work
  • Optimize environmental, operational, and business factors
  • Balance adding value and reducing risk

Leading Cross-Functional Teams

  • Practice servant leadership
  • Engage empowered business stakeholders
  • Form working agreements for participation
  • Assess organizational changes to maintain stakeholder engagement
  • Establish a shared vision to align stakeholders
  • Maintain a shared understanding of success
  • Provide transparency for better decisions

Adaptive Planning

  • Use progressive elaboration and rolling wave planning to plan at multiple levels
  • Make planning transparent and involve key stakeholders
  • Adjust planning cadence based onproject factors and results
  • Size items and ddjust capacity for business demands
  • Start planning withhigh-level scope, schedule, and cost range estimates

Agile Team Performance

  • Help grow team interpersonal and technical skills
  • Empower and encourage emergent leadership
  • Encourage communication via co-location and collaboration tools
  • Align team by sharing project vision
  • Encourage team to measure velocity for capacity and forecasts
  • Use collaborative decision making and conflict resolution

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