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Executive Master in
Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation
Be a flexible thinker, an effective leader and a leading-edge professional in the 4th industrial revolution.


Programme Objectives

  • Strategic thinking and leading technological and organisational change
  • Actively contributes to the development of Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Understand the main implications of technological changes in production systems
  • Manage complex and technologically advanced portfolios of supplies and suppliers
  • Take on new leadership challenges while creating developments in new manufacturing systems



Prof. Giovanni
Operations Management and Business Transformation,

Ezio-FREGNAN - Comau

Academy Director
& HR Training Manager,

In an increasingly automated and digital world, the winners will be companies which can equip their people with unique and cross-disciplinary capabilities…”

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The traditional model of academia is to progress from extensive research of events and social phenomena to produce actionable theories, tools and frameworks to better understand today’s challenges. In a "VUCA" world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), this traditional approach is not enough. The fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation of both manufacturing and supply chains are happening now. Changes will increase exponentially.

The Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA) is designed to equip those managing industrial organisations to lead them through the challenges and opportunities these technologies can create, solve or unlock.

The programme fuses the humanistic and entrepreneurial tradition of ESCP and Comau’s advanced disruptive  technologies.   The   EMMA   delivers value to our partner companies through offering their  managers  the  skills  and  support  they   need to act now for a future-proof tomorrow. Participants engage with industry professionals and will experience lectures, workshops, company visits and labs. During the programme the participants develop and apply directly to their companies the knowledge, skills and mindset to navigate high- impact and innovative projects.


Key Facts

  • A flexible, 12-month, part-time programme including five week-long modules
  • Two core components for each module: Management and Technology
  • Study in three different countries: United Kingdom, Italy and France
  • Taught entirely in English
  • 260 classroom hours and 80 hours of distance learning
  • Company Project focused on automation and digital transformation opportunities
  • Delivered by world-renowned faculty and industry practitioners
  • A programme created and run in conjunction with Comau Academy
  • Hands-on practical approach


In Partnership with Comau Academy

Comau is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems, with a strong focus on innovation. Comau designs and develops advanced technology solutions and products driving the future of digital manufacturing.

Comau Academy faculty and trainers are from all over the world. They belong to an international network with more than 2,000 automation and digital transformation experts, 2,000 manufacturing specialists, and 300 international trainers working and teaching in different areas of the company.

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Comau Academy offers a vast range of training programmes and workshops focused on Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Automation, Robotics, and Project and People Management. These training programmes gather the most advanced learning resources to develop the technical and managerial competencies needed to face the new production challenges in the digital transformation era.

Comau Academy’s programmes are dedicated to inspiring companies, professionals, young talents, universities and schools. Its results-oriented educational approach and intensive hands-on learning programmes are based on the same methods applied on a daily basis within Comau for the development of its people and projects.

More about Comau…

In addition to a vast range of modular, flexible and highly-configurable products, Comau offers interconnected digital service solutions able to transmit, elaborate, analyse and process data, thereby increasing efficiency for smart manufacturing.

Comau has over 45 years of experience and an international network of 36 locations, 15 manufacturing plants, and 5 innovation centres that span 17 countries and employ more than 9,000 people.


Marco VARANESE - Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation - ESCP

Head of Strategic Investments Planning,
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Class of 2018

The EMMA programme provides a basic understanding of the key elements of automation and digital transformation, never losing the business management perspective, for which outstanding classroom sessions are provided…”

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This is one of the most appreciated elements that characterises EMMA. It offers a practical approach to the continuous alternation of technological insight (robotics, big data, additive manufacturing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain) and business fundamentals (business strategy, finance for technology, entrepreneurship, operation strategy and management). The programme is also enhanced through visits to companies that are already moving forward with the Industry 4.0 revolution.”


For more information download the brochure


In partnership with Comau Academy

Executive Master in
Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation
Five modules to enhance your current experience to become a leader of the future

The objectives of these modules are to  help  you  think strategically about leading-edge technology while implementing organisational change. Increase your understanding of the main implications of technological change in production systems, and take on new leadership challenges while delivering creativity and innovation.

260 hours in the classroom and lab – 80 hours in distance learning


Taught modules designed to train participants in applied managerial, organisational and financial theories and models, as well as foster decision-making and leadership skills.


Taught modules designed  to  allow  the  participants  to develop technical know-how in manufacturing automation and digital transformation.

Project Work

All participants will deliver a Company Project during the programme. Participants will review project work from the previous module and receive individual feedback from the course instructors.

Automation Lab

Applied sessions or "labs", in which participants work in teams to apply learned concepts to a practical challenge. Teams must overcome the constraints of a competitive environment to deliver a product/solution by the end of the session.

Distance learning

Participants attend e-learning modules and webinars, and contribute remotely to a project where they apply newly acquired skills and competencies.

Week 1
(London in March)

Industry 4.0
Technology Overview

Industry 4.0 - Technology Overview
  • Corporate Strategy (1.5 days)
  • Fundamentals of Operations Strategy
    & Management (1 day)
  • Overview of Industry 4.0 Technologies (1 day)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management (1 day)
  • Back to the Future
Company Visits

Week 2
(Turin in May)

Product & Process Innovation
Additive Manufacturing

Product & Process Innovation - Additive Manufacturing
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2.5 days)
  • Flexible Manufacturing:
    Technology Overview & Case Studies (1 day)
  • Identifying Opportunities for AM
    (B/C calculations) (1 day)
  • AM Lab
Company Visits
Project Review

Week 3
(London in July)

Scale-Up and Industrialisation
Internet of Things

Scale-Up and Industrialisation - Internet of Things
  • Finance for Technology (2 days)
  • Internet of Things:
    Technology overview and case studies (1.5 days)
  • Identifying IoT opportunities (1 day)
  • Lab
Company Visits
Project Review

Week 4
(London in November)

Supply Chain
Big Data and A.I.

Supply Chain - Big Data and AI
  • Supply Chain Management (2 days)
  • Digital Disruptions:
    A.I., Blockchain, Cybersecurity (1 day)
  • Advanced Demand Management (1 day)
  • Artificial Intelligence: How to Train Neural Networks?
Company Visits
Project Review

Week 5
(Turin in January)

People and Change

People and Change - Robotics
  • Overcoming Immunity to Change (2.5 days)
  • Automation, Robotics 4.0, Wearables, Virtual and Augmented Reality (1 day)
  • Predictive Maintenance (1 day)
  • Robotics Lab (1 day)
Company Visits
Project Work


Andrea ANFOSSO - Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation - ESCP

Head of Innovation Design Project Management,
Class of 2018

This practical course offered me an unforgettable experience…”

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I was introduced to EMMA through my company. I was invited to be part of this unique programme with the full support of my employer. I was not sure what to expect from the programme, yet after the first module it was clear how this would transform my career and vision on digital transformation. I had the opportunity to be in touch with companies, business partners and professionals, who shared the same learnings the programme exposed us to.”


For more information download the brochure


In partnership with Comau Academy

Executive Master in
Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation


Oskar LINDBLAD - Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation - ESCP

FT & E Body Robots Manager ,
Volvo Car Corporation
Class of 2018

We have met the people behind the scenes and seen what is going on! I recommend the EMMA programme. It can be demanding, but it is worth it!…”

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We are in the middle of the smart industry movement and EMMA has given me an insight of the technical development connected to the smart industry. I have received tools and knowledge that help me understand and lead change in a fast-changing environment. Now I feel that I will be able to lead change through an innovative and strategic approach. I have especially enjoyed getting to know other people from different parts of Europe. The mix of practice, theory, teamwork, project work and company visits has been fresh and inspiring.”

Kate PAVEY - Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation - ESCP

(United Kingdom)
Sales Account Manager,
Class of 2018

Discussing new ideas and technology with my classmates has opened up aworld of opportunity I would never have known about before EMMA…”

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The highlight of this course was the combination of business strategy with technology. Being guided through methods to analyse the complete manufacturing process while considering  key external influences has given me an invaluable framework to develop innovative solutions for my customers. The course gave me a chance to meet many like-minded individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and industries.”

Daniele DILIBERTO - Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation - ESCP

Deputy Plant Manager,
Magneti Marelli
Class of 2018

Using the words of Benjamin Franklin: ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’. This is the real spirit of EMMA…”

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What convinced me to choose EMMA was the very clear value proposition,  one  with  a  variety  of  tailored  subjects   designed to integrate and boost my managerial competencies. The programme’s action-driven  learning  style  motivated  my  class  to engage and be part of a well-rounded experience. What I liked the most was the faculty, who stimulated us as a class to think differently. Several times my well-established beliefs were turned upside down, while also discovering new ways I could understand the industry.”

Francesco CARDANO - Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation - ESCP

Francesco CARDANO
Body Shop Supervisor,
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
Class of 2018

I found that this programme was essential for my personal growth while also enriching my professional network among a culturally diverse group…”

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When I started working at FCA, I felt there was a need to find innovative solutions that would increase the productivity of projects developed. When I learned that an Executive Master focused on automation and digital transformation management was available, I knew it was the right programme for me. This programme allowed me to get all the necessary instruments and expertise to innovate and create truly powerful changes in my company. In addition to acquiring new expertise.”


For more information download the brochure


In partnership with Comau Academy

Executive Master in
Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation


Admission Requirements

Applicants can be company-sponsored or self-funded. There is no difference in the application process for either option. To join the programme, applicants will be selected via a specific assessment process featuring tests and interviews. The following pre-requisites for application apply:

  • A previous university degree:
    Bachelor, Master or equivalent degree (preferably in engineering or technology based discipline, or any other discipline with relevant work experience in a technology, manufacturing or engineering sector or industry)
  • Preferably 8 years of relevant professional experience
  • Proficiency in English*

* For non-native English speakers, we require the following minimum scores:
TOEFL written test: 600; TOEFL IBT: 100, TOEFL computer- based:250; IELTS: 7. Candidates who can prove that they have earned a university degree taught entirely in English or those who lived or worked in an English country or company could receive a language proficiency test waiver.


Admissions procedure

Step 1: Complete Your Online Application

Complete your online application.

The main elements of the application include:

  • An updated CV
  • Copies of all diplomas and degrees awarded
  • Copy of Passport or ID
  • Two reference letters (submitted via the online application system)
  • English proficiency certificate*  (if you are not a native English speaker)

Step 2: Admission Interview

Each candidate will be interviewed by a jury panel including the Programme Directors. An online interview can be offered to candidates if required.

Step 3: Offer Confirmation

The Admission Coordinator will contact you with the results of your admission session. If your application is successful, you will be offered a place (unconditional or conditional)

  • You will accept your offer with a deposit payment of €3,000
  • Once we receive your deposit payment you will be enrolled to the programme.
  • You can apply for a Scholarship at this time


The programme starts
in May 2020

For more information download the brochure


In partnership with Comau Academy

Executive Master in
Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation
Fees & Financing


Application fee:

€250 (non-refundable)


€18,000 Early Bird admission 
€21,000 for those applying after 20th March 2020

Both fees apply to all participants, EU and non-EU
Tuition does not include travel and accommodation


This programme offers a range of scholarships.
To learn more about our options please contact the Admission Coordinator. Once admitted to the programme, you will be eligible to apply for the available scholarships.


For more information download the brochure


In partnership with Comau Academy