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Exactly 10 years ago, Professor Andreas Kaplan and Professor Michael Haenlein wrote the seminal article ‘Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media‘ without knowing that it would become the worldwide most cited article treating social media and a key reading on any literature list of digital business and management.

For its anniversary, Kaplan and Haenlein decided to write a similar article, this time titled ‘Rulers of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence’. “When we wrote our article back in 2009, we saw the potential of social media to give power back to the people, i.e. users of the world, unite. As we know, social media powered by AI is now used to manipulate people, influence elections, and threaten democracies. Smart regulation and intervention is urgently needed, i.e. the title Rulers of the world, unite!” state Professors Kaplan and Haenlein.

This new article first looks at 6 Delusions with respect to artificial intelligence, i.e. sheds light on what is Fact and what is Utopia. It then looks at 6 Dilemmas of artificial intelligence, its potential Threat and Use. Finally 6 Directions on the future of artificial intelligence with regards to its Requirements and Expectations are given treating in detail the dimensions enforcement, employment, ethics, education, entente, and evolution.

Widely acknowledged for their academic achievements, digital transformation scholars and world-class researchers Kaplan and Haenlein were included among the Top 50 Business & Management Authors Worldwide as proclaimed by John Wiley & Sons, a global academic publishing giant with approximately $2 billion revenue per year. Professor Haenlein is the Scientific Director of the School’s Research Center on Big Data and Professor Kaplan is founding member of the European Center for Digital Competitiveness. For some time now, both professors work in the area of AI and explore its influence on the business world or more generally on society at large. They have edited special issues and published their work on AI in a variety of journals such as Business Horizons, the California Management Review, the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, or the Journal of Interactive Marketing.

Further articles on AI:

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