Since 2016, Solvay was already involved in the Industrial Relations and Firms’ Competitiveness Chair.

Solvay extends its strong relationship with ESCP
by offering to the MBA in IM’s students a great field of work: a Company Consultancy Project

The ESCP MBA in IM programme* offers the opportunity to learn about business reality and professional behaviour in an international and multicultural context. Students receive a comprehensive education in the major fields of management (business), such as marketing, finance, accounting, leadership, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. They work in groups from different educational backgrounds and nationalities, fostering their personal development and intercultural skills at the same time.

The Company Consultancy Project (CCP) is a key element of this programme. It offers students a very interesting exercise, both academic and business-oriented, as it meets the requirements of the company. 

Solvay entrusts the MBA in IM students with a 3-month consulting assignment on the theme : " How to make Solvay's guar programme sustainable?”.

From October to January, 7 students of 7 nationalities (French, Mexican, Dutch, Peruvian, Canadian/Russian, Costa Rican) will form an unique multicultural group.

Why did these students choose this topic?

Bandeau Kick Off MBA in IM Company Consultancy Project, ESCP Europ"We chose this topic because Solvay’s business case implies naturally some economic challenges, but also a serious social impact within an overall re-analysis of the business model. We deeply think that it is a challenging combination of modern objectives, with potential for significant room to make an impact" answered José ANAYA ARANDA, Marie-Hélène GEERIS, Javier JESUS MEJA, Anna KOUZOVLEVA, Anthony LE VIAVANT, Andrea SALAZAR YARHI and Manuel TORAL LOPEZ"

The kick-off meeting took place on Wednesday 18th October. Students met Lamia NARCISSE, Sustainibility Director at Solvay Novecare.

Great kick off ! Thanks @ESCPeurope and students for this opportunity to work together on the way forward for #sustainableguar @SolvayGroup

— Lamia Narcisse (@LamiaAN) 18 octobre 2017

Students prepared the kick-off meeting with both Solvay through e-mails, and their tutor, Amaury De BUCHET during several meetings. Solvay guided students on the main problematics to focus on.

The 2-hour long meeting helped students to collect numerous and valuable information from Lamia Narcisse about the context of the Guar programme, the traceability process flow, the social impact, the key players… 
A major step to let them deep diving in this project and discuss the scope with the company. From certification issues to business model design… the next steps would be dedicated to define the scale.

Solvay’s expectations are high. One of the main points is to get fresh new points of view to find out the best way to make the Guar programme sustainable.

Keep connected! Final oral defence is scheduled in January!

Let’s wish them both to enjoy the assignement, to learn from the workgroup process and to be successful meeting Solvay’s objectives.