Environmental issues have increasingly visible and durable impacts on our planet. New generations all around the world have shown the desire and commitment to work towards greener economies, by contrasting climate change, pollution and biodiversity losses. Worldwide, businesses, as well as society at large, increasingly recognise the need to assume responsibility for the sustainable management of the economy.

In this context, a group of motivated ESCP students felt the need to bring their green-oriented principles, attitudes and motivations at the centre of the activities of a new society: GEA Society ESCP.

Founded in Turin Campus, this is one of the newest student associations created by young adults concerned for our planet, committed to giving their contribution towards a more sustainable future. Involvement in extra-curricular activities and student associations is strongly encouraged at ESCP as it is an essential part of personal well-being and professional development. We explore GEA Society ESCP and its activities in this interview:

Why have you founded GEA Society ESCP?

Today, most business schools are well aware that sustainability is a great challenge in the business world and a real concern for the younger generation. We noticed, however, that there was still a lot to be done on the Turin campus to make our transition to sustainability and, above all, that we students could do a lot to educate the people around us and convince them of the need for changes to long-established habits. All in all, GEA Society ESCP can be seen as a bridge between students and all the opportunities offered by the world of sustainability.

What does the GEA Society ESCP do?

GEA Society ESCP’s mission is structured around 3 pillars: greening, educating, networking. Our very first aim was to make our campus a greener place to “plant a seed” in people’s minds. We also laid a strong emphasis on education. We adopted different strategies, from the organization of fun and informative events to a very dynamic online strategy on social networks. Almost every day you will find new content from us on social media. Additionally, during our events, we provide students with the opportunity to meet key players in a green economy to build a community of responsible leaders.

What kind of students are attracted to your society?

Of course, we are all very sensitive and committed to environmental issues, many of us have already been involved in sustainability-related organizations, but the profiles of our members are very diversified: we unite five different nationalities in our teams and have students from many different programs (Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, specialized masters). And lastly, every event we have organised so far has been - just like ESCP - an example of variety and diversity among the participants. This is why we believe that every student, from any field, can be interested in our mission and activities.

Why should students get involved in your activities?

Our pillars cater to students’ different expectations towards GEA Society ESCP. We provide informational content about various topics such as finance, fashion, health, circular economy, concerning sustainability. Furthermore, getting involved with our activities allows students to learn about our projects for making our campus(es) greener and perhaps take an active role in making those projects become a reality. Finally, through our activities and events, we allow students to expand their networks by providing interesting insights into sustainability and its place in the professional world.

What are your next projects?

Energy and motivation have driven us in the last months and will allow us to carry out great projects in the future. An important part will be to extend to other campuses in September by spreading the importance of social and environmental responsibility. Because of the unprecedented Covid19 crisis, we had to roll back physical events and focus on the implementation of online projects. For instance, you can follow our web series "How I Met Our Planet" on social media. This production consists of talks with professionals who put sustainability at the core of their business. Follow GEA Society ESCP to find out about our next projects!

GEA Society ESCP team

GEA society ESCP