ESCP Berlin hosted its 7th annual Scholarship Contest for Bachelor in Management students, who start their studies in September. Held on 3rd June 2024, the contest was designed to test students' ability to navigate international business complexities through a series of challenging tasks.

Guided by Professor Dr Markus Bick and the dedicated BSc team, participants worked on a coffee shop launch using an interactive platform. This exercise included creating detailed customer personas, analysing market dynamics, and evaluating competitive landscapes, highlighting the students' strategic and innovative capabilities.

After thorough evaluation, the winners were announced as follows:


1st Place: Vera von Falkenhausen
2nd Place: Ella Matthiesen
3rd Place: Paulína Blahyjova

Insights from the Winners

The winners shared their experiences and reflections on the competition and their choice of the Bachelor in Management as their programme of preference:

Vera von Falkenhausen - the 1st place

Vera von Falkenhausen (First Place):

My motivation to join this programme stems from its strong focus on internationality. Studying in different countries and experiencing diverse cultures is an incredible way to broaden my horizons and meet new people from all around the world.

I absolutely loved meeting everyone, especially participants from different countries. It was wonderful to connect with such a diverse group and get to know each other in person before the school year begins. It immediately felt like one community.

I really enjoyed the teaching method used during the contest. The explanations were clear, and the interactive nature of the game allowed us to engage deeply with the material so we could see everything on our computers. Professor Bick encouraged us to ask questions freely, creating a comfortable and supportive learning environment for everyone.

Paulina Blahyjova - the 3rdplace

Paulína Blahyjova (Third Place):

As a student from an international high school, I have always thrived in diverse environments. The international community at ESCP Berlin feels like the perfect fit for me. My goal is to connect with peers who share my global mindset and passion for international perspectives. The opportunity to study in different countries each year is incredibly enriching, and I can’t wait to start this exciting journey!

From the moment I met other participants from various countries, we bonded instantly over our shared experiences and unique differences. It felt like becoming part of one cohesive community, highlighting the sense of unity and mutual understanding at ESCP Berlin.

I greatly appreciated the interactive nature of the teaching method. It wasn't just about being told what’s right or wrong; it was a collaborative exploration of ideas, understanding what works, and discovering areas for improvement together. This approach made the learning experience engaging and insightful.

The Scholarship Contest exemplifies ESCP Berlin's commitment to fostering excellence and innovation. Through dynamic competitions and immersive learning experiences, ESCP Berlin empowers students to realise their potential, embrace diversity, and shape the future of global business.

Congratulations to Vera von Falkenhausen, Ella Matthiesen, Paulína Blahyjova, and all participants for their achievements. ESCP Berlin remains dedicated to cultivating a community of forward-thinking leaders who will make a significant impact on the world.


The Contest Participants