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Gunnar Graef is Affiliate Professor for Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is lecturing in Paris and in Berlin. Prof. Graef is the Fouding President of Graef & Company and Managing Partner of Deutsche Ventures developing new businesses and DeepTech companies (AI, IOT and Blockchain) together with industry players. 

Prof. Graef co-founded DHL Globalmail with Deutsche Post AG. He became a member of the executive managment board. Under his 5-year leadership in Europe and in Asia, the company grew international into more than 200 countries to become the world leader in its industry. Before, Gunnar Graef co-founded Airtag (acquired by Safran Group) and haiku/index mulitmedia (acquired by index Corp., Japan). 

Prof. Graef is a advisor to boards of Forbes500 companies, to governments and organizations - in particular in France and in Germany. He also actively supports different social and philantropic activities with a particular focus on Education. He is board member of Betterplace.org. He was named a Responsible Leader by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

Gunnar Graef is a Professor at ESCP Europe since 2000. He greatly contributed to the development of the entrepreneurship education at ESCP Europe by initiating the Chairs for Entrepreneurship in Paris and in Berlin, the U-School "Die Unternehmerschule" and other activities . Gunnar Graef is currently also a Visiting Professor at CFVG in Asia.

Gunnar Graef studied Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at Technische Universität Berlin and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He graduated from ESCP Europe (Paris-Oxford-Berlin). He also studied at  Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA-Promotion Marc Bloch). 

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