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Year in Review 2022

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In 2019, ESCP Business School brought together students, alumni, staff and faculty to reimagine what it means to be a European business school and to recon- nect with ESCP’s heritage in celebration of the school’s 200-year anniversary. Our story starts here.

It all started with a choice to align ESCP’s brand vision with the belief that in life, as in business, everything starts with choices, and these choices are what define us. Our choices are the mark we leave on the world. In addition to a new ad campaign, slogan and global strat- egy, ESCP wanted to create a platform to showcase the expertise of the entire ESCP community and confront the many important choices that current and future business leaders will make in the years to come. That’s when ESCP’s media, The Choice, was born.

2022 A Year-in-Review

From the office floor to the political arena, 2022 was not short of challenges causing us to question what it means to be a business leader today.

All year long, ESCP’s media, The Choice, gathered experts from the community and beyond to analyse trends, to challenge norms, and to empower our readers to rethink the world of business.

The choice was not easy, but we’ve selected a handful of articles from our contributors in 2022 that provide various perspectives on what it means to choose to lead today, for tomorrow.

Let’s talk leadership, responsible business, strategy, innovation & much more.

Emily Olyarchuk, International PR & Brand Content Manager at ESCP Business School

Emily Olyarchuk, International PR & Brand Content Manager at ESCP Business School
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