Faculty at ESCP Business School

Valérie Moatti - Dean of Faculty - ESCP

Valérie Moatti

Dean of Faculty

At the core of ESCP’s excellence is a talented, diverse and united faculty working across six European campuses.

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All faculty members hold a doctorate, PhD or equivalent degree in management sciences, economics, law or social and human sciences. ESCP’s faculty plays an essential role in producing knowledge, not only through developing curriculum and delivering courses from degree to executive programmes, but also through its research work which generates publications in prestigious journals and contributes to nourishing the public debate as well as the business community.

The activities of our full-time faculty members reach across three domains: teaching, research and academic programme leadership, with flexible time management between activities based on professors’ profiles, personal preferences and career evolution. In other words, faculty members can shift focus as their career, competences and preferences evolve. 

Along with full-time faculty, the school works with affiliate faculty, visiting faculty members from universities around the world and working professionals who all contribute their expertise to educating future leaders.

Through its plurality of talents and collective operating culture, the school nurtures its vision that only a united and fulfilled faculty can drive leadership to impact business and society in a sustainable way.

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