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Transformation is today’s key challenge in business and society. Technology is disrupting existing business models and the adaptation to climate change is essential for the economic welfare of future generations. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that agile organizations able to change and adapt processes and products can survive and even improve their market positioning. “Effectively dealing with these kinds of challenges requires a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders,” says Sven Scheid, Director of the U-SCHOOL programme. “For seven years U-SCHOOL has helped develop entrepreneurial leaders by providing them with the right tools, skills, and inspiration.”

The newly appointed Academic Directors of U-SCHOOL, Professor Peter Borchers and Professor Christoph Seckler designed the programme by showcasing an approach suited to evidence-based education: “We help you to develop an impactful project for your firm over four modules. While the project itself may help your firm to make transformation happen, working on the project will help you to develop as an entrepreneurial leader. We do not teach the fads or fashions of the day. We teach what has scientifically been shown to help organizations to manage transformation.”

ESCP professors from the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute and faculty teach together with entrepreneurs, senior executives and transformation experts like Marc Sasserath, Ulrich Schmitz, Karina Collis, Sebastian Fittko, Jörg Reckhenrich, Meike Müller, Christopher Kabakis, Sascha Wolff, Gunnar Graef, Nicola Breyer, Stephan Schwahlen and many more.