ESCP’s London Campus has an extremely active Student Clubs & Societies scene, allowing for a rich extra-curricular experience alongside classes. We would like to introduce another of our amazing Student Societies, this time working in the charity sector, with an Interview with Romane Poncet, president of the CheerUp! society at the London Campus.

About the group
Student Activity Group: CheerUp! London 

Who can join your society and what does it involve?
Students from any programme can join CheerUp! If you wish to raise awareness and money for cancer research (Pink October, Movember, etc.), don’t be shy and send us an email to

By taking small actions, we can raise money and share it with Cancer Research UK, thus supporting their research and saving lives. In fact, for 20 years, this laboratory has supported life-saving research and can go much further if we continue to fundraise for them.

We try to meet once a month, through calls or on campus, in order to update our Instagram account and organise events.

What would you say to someone who wants to join CheerUp! but is not sure?
I would say that it is a great and unique opportunity to act for a good cause, in the name of something which unfortunately affects many of us, indirectly as well as directly. Different ‘roles’ are possible within the society: you can organise events, create content for our social pages and much more. Additionally, CheerUp! is a very inclusive team that welcomes students from all nationalities and different programmes. It is a good way to meet new people.

What has been your proudest moment as a member of CheerUp!?
Through events like bake sales, I realised that many students were willing to fight cancer and that we were stronger together. What has CheerUp! organised this year? This year, we organised bake sales at the London Campus. Students could buy cookies, muffins or cakes for £2 and the proceeds went to Cancer Research UK. The ESCP Music Society also partnered with us and performed a concert at the Black Lion, with the money raised from tickets donated to cancer research. We also posted information about different cancers on our Instagram page to create awareness within our community.

What does being a member of CheerUp! mean to you?
In addition to the larger cause, CheerUp! has offered a great opportunity for me to learn how to plan events and create content for Instagram in more detail. It has also been great for meeting students from other programmes and campuses.

If you would like to become a member of this society, please email:
You can also visit their Instagram and Facebook accounts.