How does a company with a high social impact function? How are its effects on the community measured? Is it possible to design new models that are productive and ethical? The Impact Entrepreneurship Programme - Option-E, the first course co-designed by ESCP Business School and Cottino Social Impact Campus, will investigate and answer these questions.

ESCP Turin Campus and Cottino Social Impact Campus, the first centre in Europe dedicated to impact education, present a new path to training the next generation of experts in Impact Entrepreneurship, who will be capable of creating value in companies while becoming agents of change, promoting sustainability that is both economic and socially conscious.

The course, delivered in Turin in English, is a specialisation for students of the ESCP Master in Management but can be attended by students outside the Business School, young professionals who have graduated, from any discipline, within the last three years.

Participants will be involved in a learning journey lasting 120 hours and divided into 4 modules, from January to April 2021, during which they will be provided with tools and strategies for impact entrepreneurship. They will be introduced to this new systemic approach with lectures, case studies, testimonials, group work and simulations, with the possibility of real experiential learning through on-site visits with local impact entrepreneurs and social businesses.

At the end of this training path, students will acquire new strategic skills for impact management, considering social and ethical issues within businesses, and learn how to make relevant decisions. They will be able to demonstrate, with a critical and independent mindset, a deep understanding of impact organizations and the context in which they operate.

ESCP Business School is a partner of Cottino Social Impact Campus. Born in 2019 by the entrepreneurial vision of Fondazione Cottino, the Campus is the first reality in Italy and Europe dedicated to education of a new generation of professionals and decision-makers able to merge the capacity to intentionally produce social impact with the integral sustainability of their actions: as organizations, individuals or communities.

Admissions are open until 12 December 2020.

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