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The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche once said: “Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate.” Many people have always wondered how they could possibly win any argument. Although not necessarily an easy task, we know that practice makes perfect.

The brand new, exciting, and exclusive ESCP Debate Club comes with a sole purpose: “To offer students the opportunity to discuss and improve their presentation skills and rhetoric through a series of debates, speeches, and club discussions.”

Cofounded by our own BSc in Management II students Jose Vicente Ramirez Marzullo (Venezuela), and Leonardo Schulze Wierling (Germany/Mexico) at ESCP Madrid Campus the Debate Club has recently opened it´s applications. The cofounders aim to:

  1. Offer members different techniques and/or strategies of debate.
  2. Give members full-on information on different types of debates (Lincoln-Douglas, Public
  3. Forum, APDA,...)
  4. Give members the opportunity to put their skills into practice through debates on the most
  5. heated and/or important topics of today (Public, Political, economical, social, law and
  6. legal theory, foreign policy, abstract philosophy, time-space case).
  7. Schedule talks with specialists/great speakers/debaters.

Don’t let the opportunity pass by! Apply now!
(Applications extended until Thursday, January 28th)

APPLICATION FORM: https://forms.gle/ymtMjw83PHqebuB16

INSTAGRAM PAGE: @escpdebateclub