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The 2021 Full Faculty Meeting took place on 28 and 29 June, with professors working studiously before a few were rewarded for their outstanding efforts during this unusual academic year.

“After this difficult and intense year, the Full Faculty Meeting was designed as a nice way for faculty members to interact with each other, meet new colleagues and build a common future before a well-deserved summer break,” explains Faculty Dean Valérie Moatti. Online research workshops were followed by an exchange led by Associate Dean for Learning Innovation José Ramon Cobo on learning innovation experiences: best practices, challenges and success factors. On the second day, Associate Dean for Sustainability Aurélien Acquier gave an update on sustainability at ESCP before a dedicated workshop, the plenary session and the awards ceremony at La Recyclerie.

“ESCP faculty awards are given every year following a thorough process by the European Faculty Advisory Committee (EFAC), who selects one nominee per campus for each category. The selection of the final award recipient is debated among EFAC members who arbitrate based on objective facts and figures,” sums up Prof. Valérie Moatti. “2021 recipients fully deserve their awards and we are proud to have very talented professors in all fields at ESCP.”

Faculty award recipients

Professor Francesco Venuti received the ESCP award for teaching. “He got excellent feedback from the students and also had a strong visibility related to his teaching practice and innovation in 2019/20 - two articles in Harvard Business Publishing about online teaching and discussing sensitive topics like Covid-19 in class -, and thus a teaching impact much beyond ESCP’s walls,” comments Prof. Valérie Moatti.
Profs. Aurélien Acquier and Ann-Charlotte Teglborg received the Innovation Award for their Designing Tomorrow - Business & Sustainability seminar: “They completely reshuffled the opening seminar of the pre-master towards sustainability and how to include sustainability in future leaders’ management practices and mindset,” adds Valérie Moatti.
Professor Michael Haenlein received the Best Researcher Award. “His research outcomes are outstanding, he is widely recognised as one of the key worldwide experts in his field and on the top marketing journals’ editorial boards,” comments Associate Dean for Research Pramuan Bunkanwanicha.