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In the past years, many industries in a wide range of sectors have tried to move towards a more sustainable approach. Among them, the fashion industry, in particular, has tried to switch and adapt to the use of more sustainable products, eco-friendly processes, and recyclable materials. However, we can’t deny that there is still room for improvement. 

In fact, a recent study carried out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and described in this article  by The Guardian, has shown that the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emission and consumes around 1.5 trillion liters of water annually. 

A group of six ESCP students understands the impact the next generation of designers can have in this sustainable transition of the fashion industry. For this reason, they have created SPF Runway, a fashion competition that aims to raise awareness and inspire young designers to share their talent and opinions on the industry's future.

SPF Runway will give fashion students the opportunity to compete in teams by creating an outfit based on the theme of climate change. A jury of experts in the field of fashion design, sustainability, and marketing will then evaluate the outfits. During the final event, students will have to present their ideas on how it can impact this transition. 

The aim of this challenging experience is to create the perfect platform for upcoming designer’s aspirations for a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion world. In this challenge, they will also be able to collaborate with famous brands such as Casadei.

The winning team will have their outfit exposed in the prestigious Studio Zeta Showroom on the Champs-Élysées during the next Paris Fashion Week. 

The application process is closing in one week - 13th of March - and then, successful applicants will have 4 weeks to work on their outfit which will be evaluated by the jury. Eventually, the results will be presented during the final event which will take place, in a form of webinar, the 30th of April.

You can read more on their SPF official website, or on their Instagram page