For the seventh consecutive year, ESCP Turin Campus awarded a generous amount in scholarships to talented incoming and prospective ESCP BSc in Management students. 

The ESCP Business School, renowned for its commitment to nurturing talent, has once again put academic excellence in the spotlight by awarding a substantial sum of €17,900 in scholarships to deserving students. Under the expert guidance of Professors Regina Brix and Adelina Tordiglione, the 2024 BSc in Management - Scholarship Contest proved to be a riveting test of strategic acumen and decision-making skills. The competition, which drew participants from prestigious high schools across Italy, immersed students in a dynamic business simulation that challenged their analytical skills and strategic thinking.

Divided into teams, the young competitors delved into business cases, honing their skills and insights under the watchful eyes of discerning judges. Through presentations and engaging Q&A sessions, the participants demonstrated their brilliance and ability to work effectively as a team.

Celebrating Excellence

Professor Daniele Battaglia, Academic Director of the Bachelor in Management at the Turin Campus, announced the winning team of the business game - Team 4, made up of Giovanni Rigo, Filippo Lupi, Carolina Maria Carra, Paolo Virde and Sofia Schirripa - as well as the winners of the competition, who received a scholarship for the next academic year.

From a pool of brilliant talent, Giovanni Rigo emerged as the first-place winner, securing a remarkable 50% tuition scholarship. Andreana Coacci and Davide Boriero took second and third place, receiving 30% and 20% well-deserved scholarships, respectively.

The competition, designed to push boundaries and foster growth, challenged participants to step out of their comfort zones. Despite the rigours of the contest, the students found the experience dynamic and interactive, gaining invaluable insights into ESCP's innovative pedagogy and learning methodologies.

the winners of the competition: Giovanni Rigo, Andreanna Coacci and Davide Boriero

Meet the Winner

We chatted about this incredible experience with the winner, Giovanni Rigo, a student from Istituto Aleardo Aleardi, the International School of Verona. His passion for finance, investment trends, and sports shone through, underlining the multi-faceted brilliance that propelled him to victory.

Congratulations on winning the ESCP BSc in Management Scholarship Contest! How do you feel about this opportunity? 

Thank you! I am incredibly grateful and excited about this opportunity. Winning the ESCP BSc in Management Scholarship is a tremendous honour, and it provides me with the resources and support necessary to pursue my academic and professional goals. 

During the scholarship competition, what part did you find to be the most challenging, and how did you overcome it? 

The most challenging part of the competition was the case study analysis. It required deep critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to present a coherent and persuasive argument. To overcome this challenge, I dedicated significant time to research, analysed the case from various angles, and practised presenting my findings to gain confidence in my approach. 

What lessons or insights did you gain from the experience, and how do you think they will benefit you in your future academic and professional pursuits? 

Participating in the scholarship competition taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, time management, and the importance of effective communication. It also reinforced the significance of being well-prepared and having a strong foundation of knowledge. These insights will undoubtedly benefit me in my future academic and professional pursuits, as I will be better equipped to handle challenges, manage my time efficiently, and articulate my ideas effectively.

In your opinion, what skills or talents helped you stand out and win the scholarship? 

I believe several skills and talents helped me stand out during the scholarship competition. These include my ability to think critically, analyse complex problems, and propose innovative solutions. Additionally, my strong communication skills, both written and verbal, allowed me to convey my thoughts and ideas effectively. Lastly, my dedication, perseverance, and passion for the subject matter were evident throughout the competition, which set me apart from other candidates.

What aspect of the scholarship competition did you enjoy the most, and why? 

One aspect of the scholarship competition that I particularly enjoyed was the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of individuals. Engaging in intellectual discussions, collaborating on projects, and learning from my fellow competitors was an enriching experience. It allowed me to broaden my perspectives, expand my network, and foster meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for management and academia.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants for their enthusiasm and active participation!