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The Global Agriculture Challenge: potential solutions to scaling sustainable/organic farming

Students from the Master in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation (MSc) will undertake a two-day Hackathon dedicated to the challenges of sustainable farming at ESCP’s campus Berlin.

With the support of the “Product Engineering” Team at delodi 24 students identify, prototype and test potential solutions to scaling sustainable/organic farming with the help of technology. This field is bound to become one of the most important focus areas as we enter the age of climate collapse and a dramatically aging but growing population around the globe. Sustainable farming with the help of technology has the potential to transform both issues into opportunities for business and humanity.

The start will be on 27 September at 9:30 am in room D011.The results of the event will be pitched at 3:15 pm on 28 September 2019 in lecture hall one or room D011 at Berlin Campus.

Please register for the event by contacting Dr. Stephan Schmuck (programme manager MSc in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation).



Organiser: ESCP Berlin

Berlin - Germany



Start date: 27/09/2019

Start time: 9:30 AM

End date: 28/09/2019

End time: 4:30 PM